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Hi folks,

FTB here, been keeping a bit of an eye on somewhere to buy, now feel like I’m getting closer to actually doing it so starting to do a bit more research. Came across this site and all of a sudden it feels like buying a house in the next two years would be like commiting suicide. :confused:

Anyhow, will continue to stuggle on and see what’s out there.

In the meantime, any thoughts on what this would be worth? … own/202416


ah sure buy whatever the banks will give you, you’ll probably get bailed out anyway.

P.S. I was being sarcastic…Hold off & see what NAMA is going to do, I can’t see how they can prop prices up much longer.

100K less, west Dublin

What are you getting at with this? Yes it is 100k cheaper than the one I posted but it’s a 2 bed apartment instead of a 3 bed house in quite a different part of west Dublin.

Am I missing something?

Any other thoughts on the property I posted?


I wouldn’t part with my money for a townhouse thats not actually in town.

:angry: sorry about that I thought it was a flat, there are 3 beds available for 175K in Blanch, Clondalkin and Clonsilla that are just appearing recently. So prices still falling noticeably.

Instant negative equity, the country is in a depression with no end in sight, we have 1000’s upon 1000’s of empties all over dublin with no buyers. Why anyone would buy in this market is beyond me, rent for a year & you’ll get the same gaf alot cheaper.

Way overpriced for what you get.
Suspicious about the lack of dimensions.
That Garden is not private. Would not be fit for most purposes you’d want for a garden.
It will be half the price in a short time.
There is no shortage of similar housing.

Note: I know NOTHING about the neighbourhood. But it would want to be Utopia for that price.

Youngdan thinks it’s a good time to buy a gaff and he knows a thing or two. … ing-a-gaff

Sounds like another hyperinflationista to me.

Who is this ‘youngdan’ person? Should I know him? First time I have seen that site by the way. Anyway,do you have any background info. on ‘youngdan’ please.

Personally, I’m on the side of those who think the market has reached bottom and I think it’s time to buy.

But, and it’s a big but, this property looks overpriced to me OP. Having said that I don’t know the area well, but I think there’s better value to be had elsewhere. I would only consider this if I planned to stay in it long term and it made for a handy commute etc.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Any chance you could give your reasoning/calculations/thinking behind this?

Well, maybe I should have been a little more circumspect and emphasise that that was purely a personal opinion and that I’m very Dublin-centric in my views. Apologies for that.

I have no dog in this fight, other than I was thinking of jumping into the market myself, but only as an investor who wouldn’t be ruined if I took the plunge and turned out to be wrong.

There’s no way in hell I’d buy if it was an estate in Longford etc. But I disagree with the earlier poster talking about an overhang of properties in the Dublin area - perhaps there is in the likes of Adamstown etc and in some apartment developments (and other developments who haven’t gotten the memo on prices yet) but along the main transportation routes and closer to the city I think there is now real value to be had in certain areas.

Unemployment is stabilising. Demographics favour the Dublin market. There may be a slight way to go yet, but in my opinion (and I emphasise again it’s only my personal opinion and I’m not setting out to mislead anyone) you won’t lose your b***ix if you buy a house in the Dublin area now or in the near future.

No oversupply in Balbriggan?

169 for sale on DAFT, 140 to rent…

148 on MyHome for sale, 30 to rent…

Unemployment is stabilising? It jumped to 13.1% last time out! There’s net emigration.

I’d love to know what you were saying in 2007… :angry:

Balbriggan has all the hallmarks of a ghetto in the making. Shite public services. Crap community facilities. Crap housing stock and crap transport facilities. Plus, its an unemploymnet black spot.

Wouldnt go near the place.

We have reached the bottom! Hurrah.
Whats that you say? banks, unemployment, wage disputes, FF," 8DD

Is it 4.30 when the banks start lending out all this free cash they’re getting, or do they have to wait till morning?

ED: I see TUG has my sardony well beaten (timewise!) viewtopic.php?p=371599#p371599

I seem to recognise your user name. Why is this that is?

So, yes, you have a vested interest in talking up the market.

I’ve read your treatise on buying in Balbriggan. I have no idea what constitutes “wouldn’t be ruined” if it turned out to be wrong. How much can you afford to lose without being ruined?

Huh? Why would I want to talk up the market when I’m about to buy? :confused:

If I bought and then came onto this place and started talking up the market I’d understand what you meant.

I posted to canvass opinions on the advisability or otherwise of buying. I got them. I agree with some, disagree with others.

As for what it would take to ruin me, I’m sure you’d undersatnd if I didn’t get into that on an open internet forum. :wink: