First we had Ghost Estates, now "Ghost Stops" on the Luas

From RTÉ, 15th July 2010


](Luas Cherrywood extension by October - RPA)

Still, it’s infrastructure investment which is, generally, a good thing, and sure one day our children, or theirs, having killed off the Zombie banks, will celebrate the opening of the Brennanstown stop. Oh how we’ll cheer.

Blue Horseshoe

Surely this must be a mistake? Services before development?

Is it April 1st?

Today’s town today.
(As old Mr. Brennan used to say.)

The late revolting Todd Andrews paterfamilias of that ghastly political dynasty said that one of the reasons justifying the closure of the Harcourt Street to Bray line was that it ‘only used by a few Prorestant solicitors from Carrickmines…’

So is the Brennanstown stop for the benefit of a handful of Fianna Fail muck savage developers sitting on their development land awaiting the next property bubble scam ?

:laughing: I’d never heard that quote before. Made all the more ironic by the whole Jackson Way story.

Yeah heard Tubridy make a wisecrack about a rail line that was closed wherever he was during the week. It’s a great laugh if you’re Ryan Tubridy. Yeah,sure the granda was a gombeen FF’er with no vision, but I’m alright! Hilarious!

about time, have been looking at those tracks outside the office progressing very slowly.

Him and his fake laugh do my head in. I used to think it was a kind of nervous tick to mask an insecurity, but he now uses it to try to draw some attention to his lame jokes. It’s worst when he says something that is genuinely humourous. He then laughs loudly at it, continues the interview for a few seconds, and then breaks down laughing again to show how clever he was. It’s the very same as if he just said* ‘Did you see what I just did there? It was very funny.’* And he does it over and over and over again…


Rant over.

Last show on radio one tomorrow…hope John Murray make 9-10am bearable again

Ah, John Murray, one of the shining lights of RTE - cheerful and optimistic without losing realism and a sense of the ridiculous.

Yes indeed. ‘The Business’ was hosted by Colm O’Mongain last week. Very good job he did too.
Probably one of the most decent and certainly the funniest person I ever knew… Long long time ago.

He’s not much better.His constant wise cracking on his business programme was irritating and unfunny. Tends to wrap the green flag around himself as well.
O’Mongain is not bad.

Whats funny about the Brennanstown section of the new Luas is
they tunneled under a field of sheep but when it came to crossing the
30 meters of main road in Cherrywood they had to build a
half kilometer viaduct. I hope there’s a good reason for this but
then again (Tii) This is Ireland.

Nothing wrong with wrapping yourself in your flag, I’m Irish and very proud of it.

You may have a different view, but c’est la vie.

Sure you couldn’t go splitting up the poor farmers plot, isn’t that the reason the woman from Mallow woke up to see plans for the new road running next to her gaff instead of splitting the farmers field. It would have required one of these tunnels to follow the original route. The planners just didn’t bother telling the woman about it. Vintners/Developers/Farmers, am I missing anyone from Club Gombeen.
As for John “if you bury your head in the sand the glass is always full” Murray, I don’t hold up much hope. I really hope he surprises me though.

Yep, met Colm O’Mongain a few times back in the day too, a very funny guy.