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How you intend to Vote today or how you voted, select option accordingly.

Poll runs for a day.

FWIW I voted No and Mrs TI voted Yes.

Voted NO.

I will be a no and have almost convinced the mrs to join me, she was 100% yes vote up to a week ago.

Abstaining. I just can’t make my mind up and it seems dishonest to cast my vote either way - I don’t like either option.

Voting No after work

The wife is probably 80% No, 20% Yes. I’d say she’ll vote No

Other half also voting no. Have also managed to turn a few yes voters at the eleventh hour.

Citizens abroad are unable to vote.

Voting No. Not sure about OH - her family are voting yes but i’ve been working on her.

Both my parents are voting no, my mother was always a no but i swayed my father to a no last night - hopefully he ll follow through at the poll

Voted yes in a deserted school assembly hall this morning. Empty car park and plenty of morning traffic on the road right outside the gate. I know voting tends to get busy later in the day but I was surprised not to see few more people in there given how easy it is to just pull in to this place directly off the main road and get it out of the way. Hopefully not a sign of a low turnout.

In the end I voted Yes. While the Treaty isn’t all it could be, it’s a step closer to balanced budgets and also towards reducing the power/latitude of the habitually poor Irish political classes. I accept it doesn’t achieve any of those and it contains ‘wiggle room’, but it does move, all be it a small step closer to those targets (or at least, it should be).

That said, based on very unscientific ‘gut feeling’ following conversations with a number of people over the last few days, I’d be surprised if the result wasn’t a 60/40 in favour of rejection. If the rain holds off nationally, it might be tighter.

Voted just before 9am in a Dublin suburban school, and I was one of only 3 voters there. The staff said it had been a slow start.

As ever, I’d encourage everyone to get out and vote regardless of their persuasion (even if you spoil the ballot). If you need a motivation, just look at Syria, Egypt, Libya or Bahrain. Voting is a simple act, it will take a small amount of your life to complete and means a lot to many who don’t have it and who are prepared to give all their life to gain the ability to do it.

Blue Horseshoe


It’s a right that many fought for and as a citizen it’s your moral duty to exercise that right even if it’s to spoil.

I took my kids with me to teach them their duty.

agree 100% T I

I’ll be shocked if this treaty passes. Not that I’m that concerned if it does or doesn’t. But I’ve spoken to far more No than Yes voters.

Maybe the yes voters are an older/quieter demographic. But I reckon the No’s have it.

Paddy Power now 1/20 for “yes”, 7/1 for “no”
Anyone know how they can feel so strongly that it will pass? Everything I’ve seen suggests it will be very close and could go either way

Voting no and have managed to convince a few fence sitters of no also.

Although no matter what I argued to two yes voters in work there was no convincing them, they are also hard line FF voters, they’re main reason being if Ireland loses access to funds, nobody would invest here, I argued the opposite, who wants to invest in a bankrupt country that is piling on more debt.

Don’t be so sure. I remember in college and work in the years 1997-2007

General abhorance of FF and Aherne among my social circle. No one actually realising how anyone in their right mind could vote FF

You know the rest…

I rarely bother anymore

Most discussions with FF/ex FF voters usually involves one of them using a rebuttal of either

“Ah now, come on…”


“Come on now, that’s not true…” despite having incontrovertable evidence that it is

I voted no. In looking at the poll results here, it is clear it will be passed.

reading reports of relatively low turnout on Irish Times.

Odds watcher: the Yes winning margin market 0.1%-8.0% is now 11/8. It was 4/1 at this time yesterday.