Fishy Business - Frank Fahey

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From yesterday’s SBP on-line "The state could face multi million euro compensation claims after the Ombudsman found in favour of a family who complained about a scheme introduced by former minister Frank Fahey.

The Lost at Sea scheme, set up by Fahey in 2001 when he was marine minister, compensated fishermen whose boats had sunk by giving them replacement fishing quotas. However, the scheme has been under investigation for the last five years by Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly, who has uncovered serious flaws in the way it was run".

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Spotted that as well…

The article seemed to highlight how several of Frankie boys constituents benefited where as lots of eligible folk were unaware the scheme even existed.
This in no way surprises me… the man is scum.

I really hope she (Emily O’Reilly) keeps the investigation going. I can only imagine the pressure on her to keep, er, quiet about things like this. I’m glad we still have a process whereby government wrongdoings can be highlighted. Of course who knows if it’ll lead to any serious punishment but I’m glad the system is there. (I’m desperately trying to be positive here cause I feel myself sinking lower and lower into a depression the more I hear about FF corruption).

Any chance that FFahey could be “lost at sea”, preferably sleeping with the fishes ??

I came across this before and as far as I recall the numbers were very small. Perhaps 6 people benefitted in total, with 4 from Galway, or am I mixing that up with the fleet replacement thing? Which was also crooked. Either way, this stuff was fairly small against some of the stuff this guy was(is) mixed up in. Remember the Russian hairdressers ? And supermarket ? Look at his register of interests, and then remember that those are only the ones he’s telling us about. I often wonder is he actually the perfect incarnation of a FF’er - someone who joins the party for its lovely fascist overtones but is in fact an almost perfect combination of spiv and gombeen. He would have been the perfect oligarch if the scale was different - hence possibly the attraction to Russia.

Frank Fahey - Spivbeen. … king49.htm




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Is there anything in Ireland that is not corrupt ? They are in to everything .

corruption thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=27068

as per my earlier post:

Apologies if this is corruption although I think its in the right thread. … 6Part5.pdf

Lots to look at there, note the “He’s not looking for the Atlantic Dawn stuff, as yet!” on page three.

Atlantic Dawn owner seems to have pocketed €40 million out of the deal, see the Indo article reproduced on page 33.

More digging needed.

Anyone spot the difference between the package about all this on the Six One and Nine O’Clock news? Interesting, I have more but can’t say for fear of landing folk in trouble, folk who don’t deserve it.

Heated debate on this matter in the Dáil today (Thursday)

Was talking to an English guy who owns a building firm at a party last week. Was complaining about the amount of palms he had to grease to do business in Irealnd around 2006 when he did a big job in the Munster area. I got the impression that he didn’t want to offend me by saying too much but he clearly didnt think much of us lot based on this experience.

Russia - isn’t that where poor Liam Lawlor met an untimely end? At least for himself and his family and real friends. The accidental demise of this great Irish politician may have changed the course of the Mahon tribunal. His memoirs would probably have been interesting also.

interesting para in that first article:

Emily O’Reilly on radio 1 talking about this now.

Cowen was all bluster in the Daill on this subject earlier this week. Anything to stop FF losing the second seat in Galway West eh??

wow, good stuff, there is so much going on at the moment i will have to go to the shop for more popcorn this weekend :laughing:

Really launching into the weaknesses of the Dáil, the subversion of her powers by those in politics and being critical of the Fishey affair…
Is she coming to the end of her tenure or something?