FitzPatrick applies for State to pay his legal costs


FitzPatrick applies for State to pay his legal costs - Conor Gallagher -> … 70004.html


Can he not apply to his wife ?


Might be useful to take a leaf from the American legal scene and query a few ‘transfers’ here!


Might be nice to have a legal scene, or one that’s fit for purpose (not saying the American one is great). This country is a joke.


Well he was found innocent.

Anyone, however unlikeable, should not be burdened with massive legal debt for a crime they have been found not to have committed


It’s not about likeability, it’s the brokenness of the system which is failing to enforce any meaningful consequences for destructive behaviour. The verdict is a big part of that, as well as the steps now coming after (discharge of bankruptcy, legal aid, etc.,)

It’s not even about Fitzpatrick for me, he’s an old man now and unlikely to do further harm… It’s rather about the example it sets and the future behaviour it will encourage. (In particular that ignorance of events is a defence, and since ignorance is one thing we have in surplus in Ireland, that sets the scene for some interesting events in the future)


Sean Fitzpatrick asking taxpayers to foot his €1 million legal bill is a step too far - Aine Hegarty -> … ot-3615593


TAXPAYERS will not have to foot the estimated €1m legal bill for former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick. - See more at: … D9Fs9.dpuf … 78045.html


He’s extremely cheeky (as most rich people are) He reminds me of our indigenous, wandering ethnic minority in a way.



Happy enough to Sean taking some pain here but can some one set me straight on the judges logic here? Seems to be that innocent people can be forced to defend themselves at very high cost as long as the agency prosecuting them behaves fairly. Surely that can’t be right!


Seems it’s because he is a bankrupt so it would not be fair to reward him with money when he never paid his legal fees in the first place. I’m guessing it’s the same principle as when someone who is receiving free legal aid isn’t entitled to a refund of the defence costs!

But even so, I don’t understand the problem that the law has with cases funded by third parties.


Fitzpatrick to challenge decision on costs: … ick-anglo/


Not surprising. He did win his case…


Is he representing himself? :neutral_face:


Well, Seánie was innocent. Innocent I tells ya! What’s more, he must have known he was innocent all along.

So the million yoyos he blew on defending himself was utterly and unneccessarily extravagent. Why should the state fund such wastefulness? All he had to do was draft a statement for the court outlining why he was innocent, the glaring truth of which would have swatted away the entirity of the frivolous and pointless prosecution. That might have set him back a couple of grand at most.

If I decide to pave the road outside my house with gold slabs, I can hardly invoice the county council for the work, can I?

Luckily for Seánie, he has an independantly wealthy wife - so he can well afford his legal costs.

He really was lucky in love, wasn’t he?


Hate to say it, but Seanie will win this hands down eventually. The State’s case was weak and they threw the kitchen sink at the defendants and had many of their original charges thrown out. Those charges still had to be defended however, so an innocent Seanie (as he turned out to be on this occasion) still had to spend money getting them thrown out or risk being jailed as it was a criminal prosecution.

The various branches of the executive did not cover themselves in glory either in the taking of the case or in the witness box. Nolan is a Circuit court judge with several years of potential judicial promotion ahead of him, so he won’t give way but when this reaches a higher court, I think we can expect a highly quotable judgement in Seanie’s favour which slates the executive, timed a few months before the election.

A little thank you from the senior judiciary to FG / Lab and the civil service for the judicial pay amendment…


I don’t want to upset people but:

Legal aid granted to Sean Fitzpatrick XX … legal-aid/


Trial of former Anglo chairman Sean FitzPatrick set to begin on 13 April … ick-trial/


Former Anglo chairman Sean FitzPatrick launches legal challenge to prevent Judge from presiding over his trial - -> … 98090.html

May as well stretch it out, the taxpayers picking up the tab.

Judge agrees to recuse himself from Seán FitzPatrick trial - -> … -1.2606342


Seán FitzPatrick trial gets under way … ick-trial/