Fitzpatrick lent tens of millions on forex: Times

Main headline in tomorrow’s Times. Seems as if fingers Fingleton lent Seanie tens of millions for forex dealings and Anglo (i.e you and me) acted as guarantor!

SF getting loads of foreign cash? or just trading foreign cash?

I hope it’s just trading… only one other reason I can think of to gather foreign cash… travel abroad. I think he’s had too much foreign holidays already.

SF foreign cash Northern bank…Oh the other SF thats a danger to the state, he hasnt gone away you know!!!

that would explain the permatan

Any link to this story yet?

Its on the IT front page saw it on Vinny B TV3 broadcast form close mars orbit

I presume it was to buy his oil well and his Las Vegas bars.

I think the important bit of the article is that Anglo gave an undertaking on at least one of the loans. This, as far as I remember from the previous thread, turns the whole thing from a personal issue of a director allegedly defrauding the bank he works for, to the bank allegedly defrauding its shareholders (by being complicit in the alleged fraud), with the connivance of onr or some of the directors and one or some of the management.

So far, it doesn’t not look like my fantasy headline “Fingers in the till” can be used…

I do note that Mike Soden was reluctant to call it fraud on Vincent Browne. Whether that was purely out of ignorance of Irish law or out of fear of the Irish libel laws I don’t know…

… I would remind posters that the Irish libel laws exist and are enforced. MortgageBroker has already warned about INBS’s fondness for them.

SF got 55 million in US dollars to fund investments abroad.

Tomorrow’s IT.

Yes but one this is for sure they are all fucking Banksters taking us for a fucking ride.

the more i read about these guys the more urgently the need becomes that they be locked up, for their own safety maybe at this point. how long before someone who has lost a lot on shares or economy in general takes the plunge and beats one of these guys down?

Soden said on VInnie Brown tonight that in other juristicions these chaps might now be doing the perp walk … 80219.html

What is the significance of this…does it matter what currency the loans were in? Surely the extent of the loans is the important thing…

What am I missing?

Talking about this on today FM - particularly about the undertaking…

Has it been reported if any other bank loaned him forex? A friend says it’s well-know that he was loaned large amounts of foreign currency by another large named bank with which he like to pay the forex markets. Is there anything to substantiate this?

Note, no implication of any wrongdoing.