Five held over illegal debt collection

According to the radio reports a former provo and a couple of guys with drug convictions were arrested along with two builders.

Five released in debt collection investigation

I hope they throw the book at them.

Pedantic I know but Ratoath is in Meath

I would recommend sentencing them to a one year contract with NAMA

Id say fingers would literally piss himself if he woke to find the Viper debt collection vans outside his gated gaff,a bit of karmic retribution would do that old fucker no harm at all…with the added upside of getting our million quid back off him five minutes after the first knock (at the door)

Except I doubt that’s how it works. I reckon Lenny would have to ring Martin and sell the ‘debt’ on for 10c on the yoyo. So we’d get 100k and the million then becomes Martin’s problem.

That said, I’m not against the idea.

G’wan Lenny, you useless prick, make that call!