Fixer upper or not??

Two house have come up in an estate I like. One is at the very top of our budget, I think it’s a bit dear at that price but that’s an argument for a different day. The other is 140k cheaper but a fixer upper.

How much moolah would I be looking at to renovate a bog standard 3 bed semi d? New kitchen, new bathrooms x2, all new carpets, probably new heating maybe wiring (I don’t anything about wiring, maybe it’s ok).

For a small extension or ideally a small first floor extension and jiggle the bedroom layout, over a slightly bigger kitchen extension, and the above work, would 100k do it?

Ideally if I got it for the asking price I could keep back 60k. Maybe borrow the rest from the parents. Would the banks consider me with a fixer up if I had a plan like this?

We are looking at doing an extension and got quotes from builders, it was an eye opener. If I were you I’d take a long a builder to get a QS to look at it. You could easily burn through 100K on a small extension

So if I forgo any type of extension, and just do the usual insulation, wiring, bathrooms, kitchen carpets etc… what type of ball park am I looking at??

Thanks. I’ve seen worse, but it’s not pretty :smiley: Check the PRTB its up as a rental. I’d say it has been rented for years with no renovations. So while in theory it’s probably “livable” it looks fairly grim.

Seem to have pulled out the fitted wardrobes which is odd.

Location. Link?