Flat Earth

You didn’t think the pin would never have a topic on “flat earth”? :slight_smile:

There are many places to start a topic on flat earth, many personalities who have built up profiles, but none of that even matters, so I’ll start the topic with these videos some of the video footage is undeniably breathtaking:

Sun Light s Daylight

Waters Above

Playing with perception, play with your own perception work from what you know to be true, that being your own perception, your daily perceptive experience is a completely flat earth experience is it not - as far as your eye can see?

This purpose of this topic is not to prove or disprove it but to look at it though I pet Mac information is way off (much could be intently seeded that way), and the urge to correct is strong.

What is intersting, as an online topic or meme, it did seem to suddenly appear overnight and grow around 2014/2015 online, mainly youtube, but then suppression seemed to kick in not long after, but as a off beat subject my impression is it was never even that popular on the fringe web.

In very broad terms and firstly, my own perception is the topic got some life and traffic by virtue of the fact more and more people where able to send up high altitude balloons with cameras to capture the view, and the resulting footage posed more questions than it answered.

Second, I have speculated in the past that this might have been a PsyOp for whatever reason (pre-the-covid) - One might further speculate out from this, and consider it was actually created to calibrate-to the levels and reaction and form of how critical thinkers (or as you have come to love them because the CIA told you “conspiracy theorists”) would react to a new-model and while also charting the incredulous majorities reaction, because the New Normal or New World Order, represents a whole new Reality model for the masses - how do all the people react to having their reality model collapsed and how can we do it as cleanly as possible - may have been a goal.

Thus this meta-experiment online may have been a crucial in forming and finalising the attack effective attack modalities used to unleash the “Attack Of The Virus” PsyOp on the world.

I’m not arguing either of these points are correct, but as a topic it has high catalytic value for the imagination.

Enjoy! :popcorn:

Look up SCIMANDAN on youtube, he has made quite a name for himself debunking all the flaterathers.

It seems to me, to be a way to get views on youtube and an easy way to earn ad revenue by creating content on crazy theories and having people debunk them.
Personally, I find it hard to believe that anyone in these flat Earth videos genuinely believe what they’re claiming, to be correct, rather they’re just racking up views and income.
I didn’t watch any of the videos, as I don’t want them to earn anything from my curiosity in what they’re claiming.

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Sure the video posted in the topic do not have ads, there is nothing to br afraid of. :wink:

I was going to create a “Spherical Earth” thread too, feel free to start one.

Also, how does anyone know SciManDan isn’t a spook on the other side of the coin, you know “debunking” is a official black project as such.

#flatearth is trending big time today on the twitter machine.