'Flat' in Drumcondra 300K


Anyone have any opinions on this? I think I would really like to live somewhere like this - Handy for town - bigish - nice outside space. Is 300K too high relative to current market [not how much it will be worth next year etc].

Well you can get 3 bedroom houses in Dublin 9 for under 300K now so you’ll have to make that call.

Me personally I would not touch this with a bargepole. Houses split into 2 I am not too sure of freehold legal conditions, in fact I’d be very dubious given structural work has to be split between two parties.

Evidentally I am not discerning enough,.

I suppose eclectic means they don’t envisage the buyer to be a grubber with 3 snotty kids, but an effete (maybe even gay) arty type who reads the Guardian, has a Citroen 2CV and a jazz CD collection.

It’s a lovely looking place and I’ve long admired it, but you have to factor in that you have neighbours above and below you (if I read that add right). One parking space (not great if you have friends). There are only two bedrooms, so it’s for those with one kid or more likely none - and in this market you might want to invest in a vasectomy if you’re moving in there, because you may not get back out for some time in case sprog two appears. I’m also curious about entry…I know you need to go in via an apartment block if you’re in a car, but can you use the front at all?

The road is also very busy, I’d be curious how much noise those trees catch, and you’d want solid soundproofing. It’s also in the middle of bedsit country, I’m not actually sure about the units either side of it, but many of the lovely big houses at the southern end of this stretch have been cannibalised.

Also, this isn’t going to do you until old age - there’s no way a stairlift will fit on there.

It may catch an admirer at the guts of 300k, but these guys have been chasing a falling market for a long time (house is on at least 2 years I think, started at 475k). Personally I think you could net a 3 bed terrace in need of work for far less than this and tart it up nicely.

I bought the 1 bed basement apartment of something similar on The Crescent in Marino back in 2002 for €170k. Had huge problems with the drains. The swerage pipes in these thing were clay and prone to collapsing and as I was in the basment and in the dip of the crescent guess who literally got the shit. Massive problems with block insurance for them. Residents committe and Managment fees for communal charges are also quite contensious.

I wouldn’t touch anything similar unless it was the full building and I had shed loads of cash to throw at it.

I actually viewed this place ages ago. It is nice, but the second bedroom is more a mezzanine, it is currently a office-type area.
The big problem here is there big apartments that were built in the back garden.


That explains the lack of a photo of bedroom 2.

Looking at the pictures, it appears that you’re buying the basement and the ground floor.

Not sure why you’d go for that gaff, when you can get a whole 3 bedroom gaff for even less just down the road - myhome.ie/336822

I’ve been to see this house (from the outside- late at night) - and I also would like to live in a house like this very much. Do you think a house like this wiould come down to sub 200k in the next year?

the shower reminds me of the spinal tap cocoon or even worse a giant turd


maybe 200k next year.

150k the year after that tho