Flatpack eco homes?

Hi all,
Rather than sink money into a dodgy plasterboard semi, I’m looking at the possibilities of getting something built along the lines perhaps of the houses put up by this crowd, scanhome.ie/. I’ve heard good reports of a house that they put up; I’m wondering has anyone here any experience of this sort of thing, or more broadly hyper energy-efficient construction, passive houses etc?

How sad is this? Reduced to replying to my own posts…

Anyway, on the general theme of energy-efficiency in housing, here’s a post from The Oil Drum, from a bloke in the UK who has taken his terraced house more or less of the grid: local.theoildrum.com/node/4098. Interesting reading.

There are a few guys who post on boards.ie construction & planning forum who have used Scanhomes, can’t say I’ve ever heard them complaining. Try doing a search and PMing a few of them.

Good link that 2nd one. If I had more time and control of living enviroment I’d be off grid by now…

Thanks for that, Brendan.

Turns out, for any one who’s interested, there is an open weekend of a passive show house in Oldtown.