Flipper willing to take a big loss

Found this on daft Link

Two brand new apartment units for sale. Owner seeking to transfer contracts of sale. Owner purchased two apartments in September 2006 at a prelaunch sale.
Unit 323 2006 selling price €375. Received discount of €3k. Contract sale price €372. Deposit paid of €15k.
Unit 347 selling price €380k. Received discount of €3k. Contract sale price €377k. Deposit paid of €15k.
Owner prepared to offer ANOTHER €21K DISCOUNT on each unit to secure sale. Unit 323 current sale price €351k. Unit 347 current sale price €356k.
Owner looking for €24k return on deposits. Genuine reason for wishing to sell units.
Owner has permission to transfer the contracts of sale.

The €24K return should have been deleted when the add was updated - originally he wanted €24K back on €30K outlay and was offering a €3K discount. (as per Property Bee)

This guy is out about €42K - ouch!

Anyone care to have a guess at it?

How much is a FTB status worth these days?

That sales pitch looks like either:

  • a shrewd developer who knows how to appeal to buyers/get publicity
  • a flipper who probably queued up overnight to acquire two flats “off plans” hoping he’d make millions

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They’re going to find it tough at those prices. This guy has just dropped his price to 345k, plus 5k worth of kit-out, plus rental guarantee for 2 years


Carrington was advertised in today’s IT property section too. It didn’t say that prices were dropped but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Someone in a whole world of (genuine) pain I think …

Only if he finds a buyer or two. Seriously painful current position.

Sorry TUG, I’m having a late-night propertypin binge!