Flippin' heck


Small price drop on #4 Warburton, now asking 645.

myhome.ie/residential/brochure/4 … ow/3099594

Still a lot of dough


Whoever sold in 2012 must be raging, I probably would have went for a mortgage for it at that price back then if Id seen it even though I never would have predicted that price rise in a million years.


31A Cypress Grove Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6W

Sold per the register 12/06/2013, 361k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1572805

Bit of a dicky up and now asking 545k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/3149444


€500 per square foot! :open_mouth:


They might have missed the boat by about 6 months in bringing this one to market. I’d guess that price obtainable when fishing for mackerel 6 months ago, whereas now you’re fishing for cannier trout.

Just thought I’d help the sale along with a prediction!


12 Butterfield Avenue
sold 11/07/14 for 740k. Looks like nothing was done to it since…now back on 10 months later asking 780k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/3115167

This house was discussed over on another thread at the time about a gaff on Old Bridge Rd

A change of mind or of circumstances?


I’d be having a change of mind too - can’t say I like anything about the house other than the garden. That interior… each room is uglier than the next.


The apartment is probably just owned by an older person who downsized from a house and kept their furnishings. I know one older gentleman myself who downsized into Tullyvale. I don’t think what they have done is that bad - though I must admit that I am partial to retro interiors in general - it’s nice to have some variation from the standard apartment decor rules - i.e. every floor must be laminate or lino and all furniture from Ikea. Oh yes, like its neighbours: daft.ie/sales/58-east-courty … n/1035365/
Chandelier is a bit over the top, though.


12 Frascati Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

daft.ie/price-register/dubli … cati-park/

Sold 17/1/13 for 505k and then 1/9/14 for 995k

nice turnaround in 20 months


Was that the one listed at over 1mm initially? Great location but thought it was a pokey house - had been done up nicely though


25 Ballinteer drive sold July 2012 €272, 000
back on the market for €395, 000 - they seem to have ran out of money on the flip job

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/3172330


Final snap?
I know what the interior of an attic looks like thanks…


Weird. Ran out of money … for a couple of pots of paint and a few metres of skirting board/architrave. Even if it ran to more than that, you’d have spent it just to get the photos right. Hopefully nothing tragic going on here.




This is coming up as a 7% drop in the My price changes. Down to € 395k:

Still a ludicrous asking price.


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ve/3124201

Down to $50k to $925k - having last traded at $645k in Aug 2013.

It has been given a lick of paint. Still needs investment in my opinion - flooring & layout redesign (even stated in the realtors pitch).

propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument


40 Frankfort Avenue

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3103707

€732.5k in July-14
propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument

€775k in May-15
propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument

Some small cosmetic work done on it I think
The 42.5k price differential won’t go to far with interest costs, transaction costs and any monies they spent on it.


Not sure if done but this is outrageous.

17 Leeson Park Avenue, Sold in October 2010 for Eur 366,666
propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument

On market now for Eur 895,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3224047

Eur 807 per sqft. Looks like it has been renovated but still only a 2 bed 1 bath. Galley kitchen (with no island!!! In this day and age!!!).

I’m actually flabbergasted.

Edit: I note the venerable Lucinda Creighton objected to the neighbors (16 Leeson Park) proposals.
She includes a picture of herself on her headed notepaper. Wow!


“The house belonged to the father of the vendor, who bought it in the mid-1990s.”

…'cording to the IT piece on it. So perhaps some preferential rate involved.

Nicely done all the same - some clever design features such as the novel approach to the problem of hall-less houses and the undesirable “living room opening direct unto street” that plagues same. I’d recommend buying remote controls for the bath end mounted tv by the score.

Interesting they show the facade before and after the restoration.



That might explain the 2010 purchase price which was an odd figure. Perhaps a probate price or something.

I actually think the draft stop is a good idea. The TV in the bath is ridiculous.