Flippin' heck


If you had young children/toddlers, who might fall through the gaps? Not very aesthetically pleasing, but better than a trip to A&E.


The building regs are meant to take care of that issue:

1.1.8 A stairway with open risers should be constructed so that a 100 mm diameter sphere cannot pass through the opening between adjacent treads, unless the stairway is unlikely to be used by children under five years old.

This website: tottoppers.com/sizing/ says that a newborn child would have a head bigger than this.


Fair enough, but that won’t stop the little feckers from doing their damnedest to get their head stuck in the gap, ideally with the rest of their body dangling below :slight_smile:


A lot of older open stairs wouldn’t be compliant with that, I don’t think.


I think there’s photos from two different properties.
There’s pics showing the front of the house and then a garden on open water but there’s another showing a long driveway.


That’s the back garden afaik, well the first back garden, the road bisects it and the second back garden is on the open water.


This one was on for 799k and is now sale agreed:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … wn/3462460

Sold in October 2015 for 600k myhome.ie/priceregister/20-f … -14-381168


53 Gulistan cottages
Sold in 2013 for 225
Rented last year rent 1695?
myhome.ie/rentals/brochure/5 … -6/3172025
For sale today for €375
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3530362


My father has a 40ft container out the back that is more homely than that.


375k seems a bit optimistic for one of those. Though, I looked at one last year that supposedly ultimately ended up going for 370k; it still hasn’t appeared on the PPR. It had had a very nice job done on it, though, much better than this one, and had a surprisingly decent bit of outside space for the area, being end of terrace. 370k still seemed completely mad. A couple of more ordinary modernisations went for ~310k last year.


38 Herberton Road sold July 2015 for €258K propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-171497/
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/3081512

Back on now for €425,000 myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/3519369


Will very easily get that asking price.


49 Abbeyfield killester
House for sale in September 2015 for 250 with 65 Sq m
collapso.net/Sale-Property/m … id=3328162
Back on for 450 with 900 sq ft (exl attic conversion)
Can’t find the sale in the PPR but pretty recent so it may not be updated yet?
Looks like a nice conversion, BER of C3 so some insulation work seems to have been done.
Decent size garden here


New listing for 49 Abbeyfield
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/3544347
No mention of an extension, so where did the extra square meters/feet (65sqm/700 sq ft -> 900sq ft) come from? The converted attic?

The previous listing at 250k was for a site with FPP for 2 x 1 bedroom cottages, PLUS the semi-d bungalow on the current listing. :open_mouth:
ir.ksou.cn/p.php?q=Killester,%20 … &id=226786

So the current listing includes only a truncated garden, but NOT the site (which presumably was the rest of the large garden).

The large original garden can be seen on Google Maps: google.ie/maps/place/49+Abb … ef79eda59d


irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.2574209
This guy must be responsible for a lot of the houses on this thread! (Note, his name is actually Stephen Van Den Bergh (45) as far as I know, they have it wrong in the article) A snippet:


Of all the people working for him his tax accountant must be the most important. Calculation of CGT would not be easy on those flips.


Yes and no. The most important thing is he himself (or whoever assists him) keeping great records of all the expenses to ensure tax is paid on the correct profit. I’d say he’s done enough flips to know what is going on with the tax side of things - it’s not that complicated. If he’s totally clueless, however, then yes a good tax accountant would save him considerable sums flipping that many properties a year.


Nice looking house in Shankill. Big plot near the village.

Bought for €256k in Feb 2014. House had been abandoned. You can still see what it looked like on google streetview.

Was discussed here at the time.

Planning went in for side extension and amendments to the rear - DLRCC app # D14B/0181

And voila! It’s back up on Myhome, done up to the nines, with a price tag of €950k.


Personally, I think they made a mistake scrimping on the finishes (mirrors in bathrooms are cheap, plastic sockets and light switches, carpets in most rooms, PVC looking doors off the kitchen).


bigtime scrimping, they even left out a bath!


It’s over 3,000sqft. It costs €200/sqft for a good quality finish on a refurb of a period property like that - I imagine they had to skimp in order to turn a profit. Agree that the finish isn’t good, however I like the front elevation and the hallway.

Depends if you have young kids (and dogs, I guess), but I’d take a house with all double showers any day over a house with showers and baths. Baths are completely impractical and I never use them. The ideal would be a family bathroom with both a separate bath and shower and then just showers in all the en-suites, but space rarely permits this.