Flippin' heck


The front elevation of the side extension is an absolute abomination.

Possibly blame planners.


I like the outside and the floorplan.

As to the cost though, I very much doubt it cost near €600k to refurbish. It may be a period property but it is not a listed property. No conservation architect or compliance required. Roof was repaired not replaced. It’s well away from water and is on a flat site so I’d expect it had no material damp issues - no basement so no tanking or new subfloor required. No coving in upstairs bedrooms to “painstakingly” repair. They appear to have only materially opened up one wall - joining the living room to the dining room (all others were small door opes).


It was advertised for €100K to get the punters in and in they came. I told my business partner to turn back when he spoke of massive traffic jams around the area when coming to view - “they’re heading here”

It was mayhem: windows and doors blocked up with just a hole punched in the door blockwork for entry. Folk wandering round in the dark with iphone torches on stepping in holes in the floor. I’ve never seen so many people at a viewing in my life.

A bit of a gem: solid throughout, good roof, even original windows behind the blockwork in grand condition. Decent garden and great location.

I put in a sealed bid of €230K late one night simply because I couldn’t not put in a bid and figured: what the Hell, better than doing nothing. I fully expected it to go waay higher.

Ho hum :smiley:

(I wouldn’t have nailed that monstrosity of an extension on the side of it either.)

edit: add the word business. :slight_smile:


How much do you reckon they would have put into it so? Would you have bid higher if you thought you could get €305/sqft (what they’re asking)?


Yes some people don’t like baths, my family do. I understand in smaller developments a shower only makes sense but in a massive family home with space in the bathroom I do feel it was pure scrimping in this case.


It’s hard to tell without seeing it close up. The bits of blurb about it indicates a decent enough finish. Those rope hung sashes wouldn’t be cheap for example. Little choice but to fit them, but they could have scrimped on the number of them. Good to see they relaid the slates too: the roof was sound enough and you could have gotten away without that extra work if trying to cut corners…

You can see a lack of attention to detail however. Overly-long pipes leading into the rad in the formal dining room: bury in the wall, certainly in places so visible. Or stand them straight. I’d also have put up decent curtain rails given the trouble to the new owner changing out the cheapo existing ones. Garden is as cheap as it can be. The extension is a bit of a crime against humanity in all kinds of ways: proof positive, if proof were necessary that an architect isn’t necessarily an asset. Rear of house is dull as ditchwater, appearing to drop even the stick-on external window architrave. And I’m not keen on aspects of the layout: a 4.2 x 4.3 living room doesn’t strike me as sufficient for a family to nestle down on front of the fire on a Saturday night or have the in-laws over. I’d have lost the dining room and opened up that side of the house. I mean, who needs a dining room these days?

Still: B3 rated, good location, period upside without the downside. Don’t want to be too critrical since the likes of these are rare enough to market.

I wouldn’t have had the money to sit on it like they’ve done but still it would have represented a bargain if turning it around at the time. Couple of hundred grand to do it up for someone capable of project managing it themselves? God only knows if handing it over to an architect/engineers/planning consultants/etc.


Offer of asking (€950K) in on Cluain Na Greine after a couple of days. Big interest apparently. Perhaps not surprising given the competition usually has a BER of G and them rattly old sashes.

The more I look at that extension though… I know it’s about money but you do have a bit of duty to posterity.


According to my limited understanding of planning regulations, any extension visible to the front or side of a property must have the same finish as the existing building, but also presumably must meet current building regs.

This combination of requirements is likely to produce awkward results and goes directly against good architectural practice, which is to clearly differentiate additions so make the history of the property clear.

Can anyone clarify from experience?


14 Mountpleasant Avenue Lower up on myhome for €1.25mm

Seems to have a strange PPR history. I wonder if it was sold, then planning was achieved, then it was sold with planning to a builder?

It and the rear of #15 were sold in 2013 for 370k 29/11/2013 €370,000.00 14 and rear of 15, Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6
Next #14 was sold for 405k in May 2015 19/05/2015 €405,000.00 14 LOWER MOUNT PLEASANT AVE, RATHMINES, DUBLIN 6
Next sold for 640k in July 2015 10/07/2015 €640,000.00 14 Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6

Planning app was lodged in October 2014 (Ref 3472/14) which was finally approved in Feb 2015.

Myhome link:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3564339

Very liberal use of a fancy camera lens. Property is only 173 m² / 1862 ft²
€671 per sqft / €7,225 per sqm
Appears the old non-original PVC windows were replaced with wooden sash to the front.
Meh, looks like a bog standard white-paint-on-everything flip.
Double garage at the rear though which is a nice bonus.


Would imagine the latter but not so sure about the former. Talked to senior Dun Laoghaire planner a while back and the impression was that the rules are there to put the control in the planners pocket. If they think something is of merit then they can relax back on the rules. Say you’ve a building with crap aspect and want to open things out lightwise. They, looking to improve livability, might well relax fixed rules in your favour if it wasn’t also going to produce a flurry of complaints.

There’s a spirit protected by the letter. Was the impression

I can see the sense in that in cases where the building is of particular interest. A lot of stuff isn’t particularly remarkable even if aged. So why not improve. Cluain Na Greine, for example, has been somewhat improved by having an in-style porch added to the front and the stick on window surrounds added. There was nothing particularly lovely about it before hand (bar it’s size and double front element.


50 Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Ranelagh on now for €895k for 153 sqm/1,647 sqft
€5850 /sqm or €543 /sqft

Up on property price register at €400k dated 09/06/2010

So, perhaps not a flip given 5.5 years have lapsed.


  • Outside has been repointed,
  • nice Herringbone flooring in the front living room,
  • underfloor heating,
  • i like the kitchen extension which lets light into the TV room (the old dining room I presume),
  • very nice kitchen with large island and full folding doors to rear,
  • wet room for main bathroom,
  • office & 2 car garage out the back,
  • doesn’t appear to have a utility room although may be outside boiler room?

Credit where it’s due. They did a great job. Master is a little small with limited storage upstairs from the photos but it looks great.


Some nice furniture in there. I’ll take the LR Togo set off their hands if they want rid of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the office too - great if you work from home. Also looks like they have no bath, just two showers - glad to see I’m not the only bath disdainer. :smiling_imp:


The sofa in the TV room? I think it looks a little out of place. I have seen those before in large loft apartments - i think they need space to work. I’d not turn one down though


To be honest I think they look great anywhere, but yes definitely look best in big spaces - seen them work well in modern and period rooms.

I’d hope not! At the cheapest grade leather they do you’re looking at around €9,200 for the 3 + 2 + corner seat (set up they look to have here). About €14k if they went for the better grade.


Sale agreed. At significantly more than asking apparently.

Despite the cheap finish it did very well. I’d raise my estimate of all in costs (legal, ea, etc) to perhaps €280k (the developer is a developer so presumably knows how to keep costs down)

Say €500K out? - with a decent amount of that based on having bought at market low and selling at market high. Nice work if you can get it.


I REALLY want one of their Ploum couches.


I’ve seen Ploums on sale in Arnotts quite a bit.


Yeah. That’s were I fell in love with them. Sadly when the New Years sales was on we weren’t quite ready to buy. If you see one on sale do let me know! I actually think the red one would fit really well in my new gaff. Just need to convince the wife that the cost is quite reasonable really :smiley:


50 Mountpleasant (cheaper one) is a much nicer house after seeing both. EA for 12 says ‘sure we’ll meet somewhere in the middle.’


strange pricing - my perception - up to now - was that SF priced high and others more realistically - this goes against that