Flipping in Ventry, Kerry

Sold for 380k last Aug propertypriceregister.ie/Website/NPSRA/PPR/npsra-ppr.nsf/eStampUNID/UNID-5274B72FD08C4B5780257A7D005840FF?OpenDocument

Back on the market asking 650k myhome.ie/residential/brochu … le/2392167

Was asking 595k in 2010 collapso.net/History/542667.html

That is some seriously depressing architecture, overpriced at 380K IMO. Hard to beleive osmeone thinks they cna almost double the price, the sort who will blame the price register for not being able to get it and that that sohuld be private etc., the very justificaiton needed for a register.

ticks every box in the shit CT rural architecture menu:

= too many windows combined with weird dormer intentions

  • Excessive use of pine
  • large bathroom, with corner jacuzzi type yoke

the traditional farmhouse looks better every day

That is fugly.

This threat should be renamed completely delusional in Kerry, there is no way any sane person would buy this house at anything like the asking

Basically mandated by the local planning authority. They won’t let you build a simple two storey house because it’s ‘not in keeping with the vernacular’ or ‘to preserve the local amenity’ but they’ll let you build an ugly monstrosity that goes half way there instead.

That’s what I don’t understand, to me the simple 2 story farmhouse was the vernacular on the south west coast

This sort of place

Without wishing drag the thread off topic, in 1995ish I put an extension on to my place in West Cork, it was a flat roof from way back. Anyway we got plans drawn up by one of the leading architects in the UK at that time (he was a family friend) to keep with the style of the closest houses which were mostly the type of house pictured above, we applied for dormer windows. To cut a very long story very short a certain planning officer decided to grant permission but only if velux windows were put in. Eventually after much toing and froing we had to accept the decision. My friend came over from the UK and made a personal presentation to the Cork Co Co planning person and was rebuffed.He went as far once permission had been secured as to write to the RIAI expressing his outrage at the insensitivity of the decision.
Fast forward 15 years and the old cottage at the other end of the acre is turned into a 4500 square foot mansion complete with…dormer windows

They carved a big F*?k off hole in the hill side to build that turd

There is a place in hell reserved for these people

Hmm, Ventry, near enough to Dingle - the mysterious flipper couldn’t be a certain fungible … dolphin, could it??

Perhaps it"s because … it’s South County Kerry!


Well played, sir.

Yes, but it is interesting about the renewed ‘buzz’ about property that someone would even think of trying this on.

The nice thing is that some good supply has hit the market recently in Kerry and not all of it at ridiculous prices.

Kilhala in Kenmare is a good example. A good supply at this point, except they mostly think they can get €350k, when there’s no evidence of this on the PPR.

It’s interesting -it could go either way in my opinion. All it would take, maybe, is one buyer at about say €280k to set the thing going. I, for one, will sit it out for now, but at €220k, I’m in.

I know this house. You pass it on the Saints Path/Cosan Na Naomh goo.gl/maps/EMg9g
It’s already huge but there was a planning application lodged in Dec to


Another house down Dingle way. Sold in May last year for 445kmyhome.ie/priceregister/2-fearann-geal-miltown-dingle-co-kerry-5960
Back on the market POA daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=333664
Same EA as Ventry house.

I’ve had some experience of dealing with the planners near Dingle. They are completely unwilling to look at how a more contemporary structure might actually integrate into the landscape better than their interpretation of a ‘vernacular’ building.

That said, the decor inside doesn’t speak of great taste on the part of the owners, so it may not be all the planners’ fault.

The price being asked here seems insane.

Someone posted a link to this Cork County Council Rural Design Guide a while back on the 'pin and I found it very interesting:


And a summary article about it here:
ruraldwelling.files.wordpress.co … urnal1.pdf

The guide is all about vernacular design (i.e. two storey farmhouse), using natural boundaries, blending in with the landscape, hiding cars & bins, visually linking the house to the landscape rather than the helicoptered in look. And they go on to say:

“If you end up having to build up or cut a big platform for the house you’ve probably got the wrong house for the site or the wrong site for
the house.” Clearly the builders of this house didn’t read it.

Some great advice, should be required reading for all planners. I mean FFS, in most cases it’s not like costs anything extra - the opposite in fact

I think this property would make a good public convenience. The small windows make it suitable for the cubicles.

Is it the case that only locals get planning for 3,000 sq ft properties?
And why is it called a “townhouse”?
I thought “townhouses” were supposed to be compact. I suppose a “Househouse” down there is 6,000 square feet.