Flipping marvellous (3 Portobello Road, Portobello)

3 Portobello road- myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2188192

Bought in July this year for €80,000. For sale for €430,000. Let’s say it was 250k to build & 10k stamp duty & outlay, if it goes for asking that’s a 90k profit. Not bad.

Quite expensive asking price for what you get

Nice bars on the bedroom window. Already…

It’s got all the functionality of a 2 bed apartment with a pointlessness third bedroom tacked on. You couldn’t raise a family in it that I can see. So who’d buy it?

this was a boarded up ruin up to a few months ago, next door to an Italian restaurant (the barred windows) which has now closed and has a for lease sign up.
430k is a lot of cash…cant see them getting more than 350k at an absolute push.

Would still make a profit as surely it cost a lot less than 250k to build something of this size, even after a site clearance

Looks like a very cheap finish on the kitchen and floors. Those bathrooms look like a disaster waiting to happen. I hope they are well sealed.

think of the convenience

you could shit and shower at the same time

I think that Portabello is a great location, having lived there, especially the other side of the south circular. Fair play to them for renovating it.

A guest bedroom and a home office…but yeah, it’s not the best. Was it beside Nona Valentina? Is that closed? Nice restaurant

Nice touch having a bathroom off the kitchen - you can experience the waft of Granny’s diarrhoea as you prepare your summer salad.

Yeah, I never really understood this… is it not illegal? It’s disgusting either way.

I dont quite get the marvellousness of it since it is not yet flipped.

1000 sqft for 400K+ in Dublin 8. Seems fairly ridiculous.

And any prospective buyer knowng it was picked up by the vendor for 80K will hardly blow 430K on it.

I’d be guessing the person drawing up the ground floor planview missed a wall beyond the door out of the living room. Since there’s a door to the yard located there too it would make sense to have a small lobby dividing the dining/kitchen from the bathroom.

I viewed this place recently:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2174432
There’s a bid of 320k on it (and still lots of interested parties). It needs minimum 100k of renovation - possibility to extend on second floor to rear, so may end up with a 1,000 st ft house, but end product will probably end up costing circa 450k. I agree it seems fairly ridiculous - but that’s the reality of the market (in Portobello anyway!)

1 Alexandra Terrace; Sale Agreed (last asking €285k)