flipping marvelous - 3 Lea Road Sandymount Dublin 4

Sold in May 2012 for €450k (including a site to my memory):

myhome.ie/priceregister/3-le … lin-4-7238

Now back on the market asking a cool €795 minus all of its original character:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2279962

Is it me or has 2006 come round a second time? Next thing you know Brown Thomas will re-open that oxygen bar.

Perhaps the market did bottom Q4 2011 after all.

IMO €795k is madness especially as I thought anywhere near €495k was a big (asking) price a few months ago.


The geographically closest house for sale on the map is a 3-bed, but for €120,000 less and has buckets of old-school charm:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2069407

To be fair it is also a lot smaller (1240 Sq Ft/ 115 sqm) versus (165 sqm)

However Gilford Avenue is a much nicer looking house.

Discussed here

I think the €795k is way over priced. But I do think its far superior house to the one on Gilford, its bigger, on a nice wide plot and laid out over two floors, The Gilfort house is narrow at 4.9m compared to 10m wide Lea, and its smaller sq.ft includes a converted attic room with a ladder up to it.

I’d prefer the Gilford house but I think both are grossly overpriced.

Oh give it a rest, you are getting very boring.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from OMahony Finnerty (the previous owners) was involved in the purchase/renovation and addition of the mews.

It might be very boring but there is growing body of evidence (CSO, price register) to support my view point (when appropriate allowances are made for timing effects).

Some of the asking prices are getting very boring, especially a few that have been raised. 18 - 28% I mean.
Now that’s what I call boring 2013

are you by any chance fkall/landlord or just a dutch relation?

All I know is that a house has been built at the end of the garden. It looks close to completion… Were the house and full garden sold together?

Both were for sale together and someone here said he asked the EA if they’d sell separately and was told no, but it’s on the PPR for 450k, can’t believe they got both for that!

I asked the estate agent about buying the site alone when the house and site were on the market and was told ‘no they want to sell both together’. €450 seems like a real bargain for both, especially if they manage to sell the main house for anything close to the asking.

So for the guts of 800k you get two beige rooms downstairs and a small patio out back.

And to live with the knowledge that someone pulled a stroke and built a house in your garden.


From huis (“house”) +‎ baas (“boss”).

huisbaas m (plural huisbazen, diminutive huisbaasje)
A landlord, who rents a home he owns, or room(s) in it, to one or more tenants


Houseboss, I like it!

I think this is a mad price - this is an agent who must have gone on holidays in for the last 5 years and just come back - they are hoping to catch somone who sold at the top and just wants a new build (i.e. recent 135 Tritonville sale). Still can’t see them wanting to settle for Lea’s Road ?

3 lea road is Sale agreed now, be very interesting to see how much on the register.