Flipping out in Killiney - Goresfield, Glenalua Road

I would have expected an audio system, gizmos and gadgets in a hi-spec house. This seems to refer to Farrow and Ball paint and the video-com for the entrance gate. Which was probably there already…

Thinking about this more, The seller will be doing well if this house gets 900k and they should count themselves lucky if they get their cash back. There are not as many people as easily parted with their money as there used be and killiney is not the normal stomping ground of those well heeled professionals willing to stump up for prime properties in the current market.

Given the initial asking price this is likely to languish on the market for at leat 12 months.

Whilst there is something obscene about making money by means of smoke and mirrors, it’ll be interesting to watch this one. We live in an utterly consumerist world so it shouldn’t surprise that there are folk out there whose heads could be turned by the right choice of Farrow & Ball.

A few years ago it was F&B Hardwicke White doing the rounds. What now…?

Seriously?? - I would thave thought Killiney and particularly this part, is exactly where people with money buy. The area is almost totally made up of professionals - give or take a few famous pop stars.

Seriously, eventually when some old lady dies and I buy her old Semi-D, I’m pinging you to find out who I should be asking for quotes to make it habitable. :smiley:

If you put aside what the current owner did and didn’t do, I still think this is a fab house. And what’s more, I think he got a bargain with what he paid for it.

OK my statement is very broad based but I do think that more partners in accountancy practices, solicitors, consultancies, medical professions and high paid public sector worker etc etc are buying in d2/4/6 over the last while. Killiney/Dalkey depend more on self employed people who are more dependent on domestic economy who are not doing so well. Not saying there are no professional which I am referring to in Kiliney there are just less. Probably more advertising/marketing types to or maybe I just believe all the stereotypes

Clearly can’t fully articulate what I’ saying in a couple of lines but based on anectodal evidence that’s what I think. I think killiney is one of those areas that suffered a bit too in recent years because it’s a bit further from town

Another house in Killiney for practically the same money has gotten a write up in today’s paper.

irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1347686

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/2432391

Makes Goresfield look even more expensive.

Kaikoura doesn’t have the land around it but it is on the water front.

Also the land around Goresfield isn’t that usable

Yes, I really like Kaikoura. That road is the only place where beach-front property exists in all of SCD (there is also a part of Strand Road, Sandymount with beachfront properties but in another pin discussion, one user noted that the beach isn’t great at that part at all)

Looks to be a good quality job throughout and the setting and views are magnificent. The road itself is home to some of the most imposing homes on the Dublin coast, with the neighbouring property being a magnificent semi-d castle.

The kitchen in Kaikoura seems really small for the size of the house?

Still, this seems like a great beachfront property. That said, I’d check out the history of tides in the area. I have a mate who lives in a cliff-front property in Shankhill and his garden gets smaller every year. :open_mouth:

Great post on Goresfield.
Have viewed and agree with the collective comments and valuation of <1m.
Harder to get over the 1m mark out in this part of town and especially past Dalkey (mansions aside).
Re Kaikoura, I remember seeing a house years ago next to it called “The Yellow House”.
Lovely location, but the train was just outside the back door and shook the place as it passed ?
I don’t know if “The Yellow House” ever sold ?

Sold on Savills’ website, but not in the register.

Came on the rental yesterday at €5000/month - which is probably more ridiculous than the for sale price.

Sold 11-10-13 for €1,085k

You have to take your hat off to the ‘flipper’ in this case
Buying in Killiney - even today - is not for the faint hearted
Somebody has made over +200k here on a c. 850-900k total investment (incl. fees, stamp etc.)

And paid tax of €60k as not held for 7 years

Contributing to themselves and society - that is how capitalism used to work - unlevered risk capital producing an economic return
(until banks decided to provide all the 850-900k investment and to anybody who had a pulse)

I did not think the house would go for this much.

How much of the ‘profit’ was a result of refurb and how much was driven by house price increases. More likey most of the return was a result of timing the transaction rather than value being added by refit. A tidy profit either way if it was a flip.

It was indeed a flip. As previously stated the owner lives across the street! I’d imagine it was just a matter of timing. It took 8 months to shift the thing in a market moving faster than the Celtic Tiger, where most things have offers above asking in days and are sold within weeks. So basically came on totally over priced at the time and eventually the rest of the market rose to make it less extortionate, relatively speaking. Still made substantially less than the original €1.35m asking, but the seller still made a lot of money for doing a whole lot of nothing.

This has gone straight to being ‘SOLD’ - haven’t seen the final price on the register.

Kaikoura sold for 1.3m
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-98213/