Flood of unphotographed properties on Daft

There seems to have been a few pages of south side properties just come onto Daft this afternoon with no photos. Is this behaviour not a bit odd? Is it NAMA drip feeding property onto the market?

Looks more like a glitch, as there seems to be blanks where there used to be photographs.

23 of them all with savills.


Are they all in the same area/ same building?

I’m sick of saying this. Nama does not own ANY properties yet.

Ooookay, how about “NAMA pressuring developers to drip feed property onto the market”?
Or “the effects of NAMA pressuring developers to offload what they can before they get NAMA’d”?

You might want to park your literal hat on the hook on the left.

If NAMA is not having an effect on the developers it ‘owns’ there’s no point in having it. The banks could carry on being ineffective and we wouldn’t have to recapitalise them to the same degree. The belief is that NAMA will have to push sales sooner rather than later for cashflow reasons. So we are looking for signs.

I did the usual Dublin City-Added in the last 24hrs search on Daft.

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?s%5B … fr=default

daft.ie/1562184 ambitious price tag €2,200,000

crap internet connection will add links later

i am seeing 2 properties so far from savills which are liquidation sales on instructions of receiver one in ranelagh and another in rathmines

Just gone through 10 pages havent found anymore i recognised a good few of the savills as been on the market previously perhaps some junior was giving weekend exercise to renew all the adverts by switching references/identities to thwart price tracking sites

Perhaps they resubmit them to generate interest. I for one only ever search the last 24 hrs now because finding value is a lost cause throughout the rest of the market.

Well I did you all a little favour last year and ran the whole (at the time) daft database through Property bee.
Took me 4 days.

Bugger all use in the end as tehy dont have ‘exclusive’ codes and reuse the old ones, so a property on this week in Dublin for 500k would have a history of being rented in Cork for 150pw.

Maybe RL could sort this out.
Seems like they dont hold historical data…

Dafties! So now I understand why on the map search a house in Clontarf has a Cork address and a price tag of 155k

All my RSS feeds lit up yesterday. 15 daft changes in my SCD search area.

The excitement - I was expecting 3% off - until I realised it was a Savills blast. No price drops just “updates”.

Yes, good marketing but if it is not selling…well drop the price.
Two of the properties were on Idrone Terrace…still whistling in the wind.

There seems to be a demand issue rather that a supply problem.

I am more comfortable just waiting for the liquidators now.

End rant.

Should be interesting to how David Hughes “liquidation” goes next week. I can see most of the decent stuff in Dublin being sold for 50% of peak prices and I think a lot of it will shift at that price, ie 2 beds for around €180-€220. Will supply of buyers run out before all the decent stuff is gone, leading to a clearance sale or will the clearance sale only affect the outer areas which will then revert to slums.
Interesting to see.

Please excuse my cynical mind, but NAMA has most likely had the effect of reducing pressure on developers.

Savills appear to have uploaded photos again in a different order to previous for the same properties.

Interestingly they seem to have left out pictures of the outside of some of the houses - I wonder why?

Explain? David Hughes of Ernst & Young re Zoe and Carroll.

Is there a firesale in the offing?

independent.ie/business/iris … 84794.html