Flooding due to bad planning causing misery

Bertie declares after the recent floods of towns that planning will be stricter. :wink:

independent.ie/national-news … 62745.html

Yeh right Bertie, your council friends can just wash their hands of building endless housing estates of floodplains during the boom, more misery is overdue for conned house purchasers in the years ahead, my words for you are too strong to express here! :imp:

Some pics pf the destruction in Carlow today from boards boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2055215477

Ah gurramok, that’s not a floodplain, it’s an occasional water feature!!! :wink:

How’s about we have a Flood tribunal. 8)

Ah lads, sure how would dem councillors have know dat dere was goin’ to be floodin’! D’ere’s no precedent for heavy rain or floodin’ in Ireland!


That reminds me of those Monaghan councillors who tried to zone a lake in a field for residential housing, it was all on rte prime time!

Well I think I know(fairly happy with my source) that in Tullamore, the owner of the Charleville estate was willing to give the Council, Charleville Lake for housing in response to their overtures.
As a silted up man-made lake it has next to no amenity value.
I heard this about 5 years ago. As the boom is now over, the lake will be on the wrong side of the bypass and planning permission can be got elsewhere by pretty much any of the recognisable movers and shakers in the town the lake probably won’t be drained anytime soon.


I seem to recall that subsequent to flooding in Lucan, some radio programme was invaded by old Lucan inhabitants swearing that they had objected to developments in what is now new Lucan precisely because they were being built on a flood plain. Can you really call it bad planning if the risks were called to the attention of the planners? Bad planning implies mere incompetence - doesn’t this sound more wilful?