1st off…I am as bearish as anyone on this website.


I am currently in Florida for six weeks (I am dual citizen and spend about 5 months each year over here) and I just placed an offer on this condo

realtor.com/realestateandhom … 1109456907

This is a foreclosure listed at $19,000 - 1 bedroom

Built in 2003 and in pretty good shape. Appears to be no mold, but will get thorough home inspection done.

I made the bank a cash offer of $16,500 and have a good chance of getting the condo.

This condo would have sold for $175,000 back in 2005.

Crazy world we live in. I sold up in Florida back in 2006 for about $200k and will hopefully buy back for 1/10th the price.

What sort of annual community charges and taxes would be payable on something like that?

A 1 bed at 956sq ft sounds good.

FF I have seen some great properties at giveaway prices in the states,but how the hell do you obtain citizenship/green card without an employer doing the necessary work?

Wow, you get access to the equivalent facilities of a gym aswell. Nice.

incredible value, how hard is it to get set up over there? green card, visa, job etc?

Also is the area a retirement resort or would it be suitable for someone in their 30s


Properties in ghost estates really should be going for even lower prices. NAMA will ensure it’s the taxpayer who takes the loss though.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing this.

A flavour of things to come in Ireland? NAMA only knows.

What is the state and local taxes per annum as well as the management company fees for the complex , in US$ ???

Florida is that strange kind of place that’s good for both.
That’s why they call it the “Land of the newlyweds and the nearly deads”.


Are you going to head of to a ghost estate for a weekend break? Maybe in 5 years time raves will be back indoors again :nin