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A VETERAN LANDLORD has been ordered to pay a renter €12,000 compensation after he was found to have refused her rent allowance because she is Latvian and relies on social welfare supports.

In the case before the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), Adjudication Officer, Ewa Sobanska has ordered landlord, David McCarthy to pay Valerie Enners the €12,000 after finding that he discriminated against her on the race ground under the Equal Status Act when refusing to accept Enners’s Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme towards her rent.

Sobanska also ordered McCarthy to pay the €12,000 – the maximum allowed is €15,000 – after finding that he also discriminated against Enners on the housing assistance ground when refusing to accept her HAP scheme payment.

Sobanska stated that McCarthy’s refusal to participate in the HAP Scheme has had the effect of placing Enners “in a detrimental financial situation”.

Sobanska stated:

I am satisfied that it exacerbated the distress she suffered and the quantum of the compensation should reflect that.

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