"Fonthill House" Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham (-3m, -83.3%)

According to property bee

Big house (4,500 sq feet), but no internal pictures and a BER rating of G!

provide a link next time:

Sorry about that - a rare oversight.

Thanks for providing the link.

Also can be seen on myhome:

myhome.ie/residential/search … XSRB383345

Now 1.6 million


That’s a good size second drop.

Now works out at €353 per sq foot.

Shame about the energy rating being “G1”.

Perhaps a few more drops yet before this one sells.

Was asking 3.6m in 2006

Well over a year since the last price drop - perhaps time to slash another decent sized chunk to try to get people in to view it.

I would imagine this needs substantial work judging the outside view as well as the lack of internal photos.

Can’t see this one achieving over the million mark in the current market.

don’t think anything was done to this house in the last 70 years, hence no pics of inside …

2 years later and still asking 1.6M.

note to ea: bumping the ad won’t get buyers. Take the 1 off the price and you *might *get a sucker in…

Failed property play - sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pa … D07A/0471&

Four houses into one - it could have made slightly more sense a few years ago. But they were asking 2.8 million back then. Add to that building and site preparation costs of at least 1.6 million for four 2,723 square feet houses, development levies, professional fees, cost of money and the need to make a profit means that the four houses would have to have sold for at least 1.6 million each - c. 600 per square.

But it barely made sense in the bubbly times. There were a lot of such small property developments going on and a lot of people got burnt.

Macarthy Auctioneers & Estate Agents have form here - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=22199

sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pa … ll%20House
wonder why they did not sell it off after it failed rather than wait.

Listed here at 800K



now asking 800k

Link not working. The daft link works but only 1 pic.

Ballyboden road doesn’t have the best transport links. 74a and 15b. But traffic mental getting into town as no bus lanes really until rathgar road.

link fixed. Just one pic too.

Only a day between the comment that the asking price was still 1.6 million and a 50% drop.

Is someone looking over our shoulders?

Big house, very busy road leading to other very busy roads. Was the house abandoned during the property play? What condition is it in?

reality can be a harsh mistress :angry:

the house was not maintained as it was planned to knock it down and build on the site, but that plan has crumpled into dust :frowning:

so big house, on very busy road, which needs a lot of work, it’s time someone does the maths 8)

There’s no 74a anymore, the 15b has bus lanes the whole length of the Rathfarnham Road(which is the major headache for me in the morning). Also, 15b is now every 20mins throughout the day.

Also also, you now have the 61 linking you to Milltown/Ranelagh, but I’ve heard on the grapevine that it’s going to be cut. Never seen more than 3 people on it personally.

Massive site and very big house, nice size rooms as well. I haven’t seen it so don’t know how much money you would spend doing up the interior but for 700k I’d buy this, I think at about 850k it’s not a bad price at all for a house this size and on this much land. Nice enough looking as well from the outside and the area is not all that bad. It’s not Rathgar or Ranelagh but then this would cost double in those areas. All in all not a bad proposition methinks, I am just short about 150 k or so or else I’d totally go for it.

Makes me think our time will come really, I can see prices falling by another 15%

i can only guess they would take your arm off for 700K.