Food Shortages - Happening now or very very soon? 🍌



WCS FOOD shortages nearing?

A double whammy of staffing shortages and serious inflation are already in play in the food processing and retails sectors for food in general, it is starting to look very global and may be about to hit hard by revealing itself via empty shelves.

Some recent signals have indicated it beings 3/4 weeks, others August, mainly this year, this is the year. This is the year for a lot of things.

A quick recap of my post from MAY this year.

A topic I’ve been meaning to create for months. The shortage signals have been brewing for 2/3 years, obvisluy stronger last year but in earnest this year much more gnashing of teeth online anecdotally.

Learning to accept long queues, massive disruptions to freedoms and access to places and services, people and so on. Overnight we entered Russia 90’s style queues. Simulation. Training. Conditiong.

The lockdown created a simulated shortage, think of 2020 like a training exercise for 2021.

Extrapolate forward a little but. Think about the Provid Regime and how they deal with things. The reflex is to attack, censor or super injuct legal junk full force against the truth, the truth of shortages, the truth of things running out. How do they react?

Imagine, of all the things, imagine there is a shortage of food.

Imagine you are faced with the current Regime in tighter and higher circumstances.

How do you rate your chances.

How do you think society will perform and behave?

Ireland is not a prepper friendly place. In fact it’s always been a very locked down kind of expression of a Republic. See Housing mess. See People who created housing mess. Gain power again at height of housing mess #2 - How does this happen? Ask self. HOW?

Now fantasy societal collapse time - Let’s put them in charge of food shortage Worse Case Scenario.

No one would in their right mind (a rare commodity these days sadly) but there they are, in position. Ready and waiting.

Are you an essential eater or a non-essential eater ?

Recent UK industry News

Chronic driver shortages have been compounded by shortfalls across other low-paid sectors including harvesting, manufacturing and packaging, and the supply chain is creaking under the pressure.

Trade bodies, logistics firms and suppliers all warn that the continued reopening of the economy combined with the start of the summer holidays will see a tipping point in supermarkets’ ability to keep shelves fully stocked.

“The real crisis for food supplies starts now,” said Shane Brennan, CEO of the Cold Chain Federation, adding that while he was typically wary of empty shelf warnings, “this time definitely feels different”.

He called on government to act rapidly to ease restrictions on foreign workers entering the UK. “Our food industry is in a full-blown crisis. We need the workers to help produce, pack and distribute.”

Archived link:

Globalist built economy is easily taken down by those who built it - The root of this issue for Ireland may be many seasonal and transitory workers in this group got up and left because they had a home country to go to, while some may be happy with the Pup, I would wager most got up and left to take their chances at home or elsewhere and yet the Irish Gov have shown their loyalty, or was it really pragmatic, since strawberries is the nation staple food after all. it’s al own way from potatoes you were reared.

Also keep in mind the recent cyberattack taking out massive meat processing plant in the US, some think was a test run for a wider exercise, add that into a very weakened Just-In-Time economic model and the Schwabs of this world won’t have enough pinkies to celebrate.

Yea I know the sun is shinning outside but the WAR is not over.

You can choose to seek yesterday today, be happy with the now, or seek tomorrow today. :banana: It is up to you which illusion you choose to suffer but suffer we shall and live to suffer some more! :wink: :dipso:.:cloud_with_rain: :sun_with_face: :banana:

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