Food Shortages - Happening now or very very soon? 🍌



With properly planned housing, agriculture & infrastructure sure. I’d actually agree.

But not by the end of 2022, even aside from the demographic ahem diversity!


Actually, I was being facetious, Diana. :wink:

There’s no way Ireland has (or will have within the next decade) the available infrastructure, health services, accommodation etc to handle a massive influx of migrants in such a short amount of time. It’ll be absolute chaos…


It’s probably nothing.


As the foodindustry is almost entirely dependent on oil, it should be no surprise that the prices of food follows that of oil.




“Pockets of famine” have already been reported in Somalia, a country that typically imports 100% of its wheat from Ukraine and Russia.

It’s possible that widespread famine can be averted if more crops are planted in countries with extra capacity, to compensate for the loss of exports from Ukraine and Russia. However, with the price of fertilizer as high as it is, alternative supplies are by no means guaranteed.

All of which raises the question: why did the West not seek a diplomatic solution as soon as the war in Ukraine began? Yes, this could be seen as ‘rewarding Putin’s aggression’, but the costs of ‘not feeding millions of people’ could be much greater. Add the risks of nuclear escalation, and the West’s current approach becomes increasingly hard to understand.


As I read that, I started to wonder what Sir Gandalf hot take on things was, I wasn’t disappointed:

Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde and more join ‘Night For Ukraine’ line-up


“during a global food shortage when we’re about to see record starvation in the third world, the Liberals want to punish Canadian farmers for growing too much food” :icon_beer:


The madness continues:

Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets

The Cabal’s target is 500 million serfs to serve the “elites”.

They have multiple strategies to achieve this.



Biden official Samantha Power celebrates fertilizer shortages that will force farmers to “hasten transitions” to “natural solutions, like manure and compost.” “Never let a crisis go to waste."


At least this rascal is candid enough to acknowledge that he is supporting the depopulation agenda of the globalists.
This private NGO is destroying the world today…Diseases, vaccines, lockdowns, supply chain disruption, fuel shortage, Famines, wars, human migrations…
Half of France’s nuclear power plants are offline because of “maintenance or defects,” which comes at a precarious time for energy and power markets across Europe as prices soar due to the Ukraine conflict.





Imagine that scenario after they install the next Sinn Fake fake regime after a snap election. :icon_beer:


Disaster in the Rye


I’ve been thinking about what the impact of this will be on the main question of the near future which is if, when it comes to the crunch, the army will shoot civilians or not.
Whoever the officers are loyal to it comes down to the private with the rifle if he will shoot members of the public on command or if he will refuse (like in Turkey 2016).
Will upholding McDonald’s regime instead of Martin’s or Varadkar’s have any influence on that decision?


Or if UN / PESCO / EU troops come in.


Just look where Banderistan khokhols from ss galizien were transfered to after the II World War. Start there. It’s Canada. Trudoe used them for Trucker’s Conwoy pacification.
New supplies were trained in the depth of Steel Works of Azovstal.