Food Shortages - Happening now or very very soon? 🍌

Will they go for Santa?

The ultimate symbol of the White Patriarchy!


Santa is part & parcel of the commercialisation & secularisation of Christmas. I doubt they’ll remove him. Maybe modify him & make him more inclusive though.

Well they did inject him last year so should he should be ready to pop just now.

# Ireland has the highest levels of bovine TB in Europe as EU funding ‘likely to cease’

Wife is from a cattle farm. One of their cattle got TB last year. Farm shut down for months from buying and selling until all cattle cleared. 1 in question isolated and sent for slaughter. Price you make is obviously a loss as it’s not full fattened up so Dept pays you the difference between market rate and factory rate.

No cattle had been bought in since last clear test, so it didn’t get TB from another. Dept vet said loads of badgers in area giving TB to cattle but Dept keeps it quiet as doesn’t want farmers demanding a badger culling vs hippies who want all badgers to keep run free.


  1. State has highest TB rate in EU
  2. Perfectly good cattle slaughtered rather than badgers culled
  3. State paying farmers for their loss

This’s the effect of vaccination. The animals are being culled the same way as humans. Tuberculosis is a stress effect from the death threat, that’s why it’s prevalent during and after the war time.

PCR tests used with all the flows. The CULL OF THE AGES. The eggs are up about 50% in no more than a year.
They must be using the Soviet’s economics calculation of the inflation which I remember from cia and vatican infested Poland in the early 80s.: “yes we recognize the increase of the prices but the steam powered locomotives came down, which makes our living standards higher”

I was waiting to see who spotted that.

TB or Foot and Mouth next. Bookmark this timeline. It is in play.

I usually pop up into Aldi to get my afternoon park beer. They have nice Ipa from dundalk brewery sold without their name for 2.05. The alkohol content used to be 5.2. Today they change it down to 4.1. That’s 20% of the content taken away. Watered down. No inflaton here.

Where sells powdered eggs in Ireland, does anyone know?

Also, asia market in town does milk powder( probably better than that Nestle rubbish).

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