For sale: Britain's biggest buy-to-let empire … let-empire

“I’ll give you one million dollars for one night with my wife…”

Let that be a lesson to you.
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Buy-to-let gurus see empire crumble → … id=56&ct=5

Fergus Wilson interview…amusing enough in an Alan Partridge type fashion,the interviewers reaction to what Fergus has to say is pure car crash telly. … flats-123/

Basically it is the UK economy explained in 8mins and 6 seconds.How a situation as serious,damaging and destabilising could develop is both funny and frightening at the same time,hence the exasperation and disbelief of the interviewer.

The problem is,the Bank of England won’t stop printing money until the type of BTL interviewed in the clip is able to make money again.


Imagine, They can practically control the market for whole towns. 900 houses, thats mental. Theyre like a little NAMA

I think they’re bust meself…

But…oh… what a bust. XD

Something Father Fintan Stack once said to Ted and Dougal comes to mind.

But sorry, that’s totally off topic and nothing to do with these nice people.

Cld have saved themselves a cool 10mln in extra CGT if they had sold it all before the latest budget!

They sold up last year - the Telegraph article is from last September.

No they tried to sell their entire portfolio last year in one lump but failed to find a buyer. They then decided to drip feed them onto the market and in March this year they were reported to be selling them at a rate of two per week.

With over 700 properties to sell they probably still have some ways to go. … -1.3028789

I’ve written about this here in the past.
He’s 100% correct.

Indians are lovely tenants and cause little hassle, but the stench from their cooking permeates everywhere.
And it is extremely offensive to non-Indian or Pakistani noses.
When you are showing the property after an Indian tenant, you can see the disgust in faces the instant people enter the property.

Carpets, furniture, kitchen, beds/mattresses etc., the smell is absolutely impossible to get out for months on end, so the property lies unoccupied.
And no, a professional clean doesn’t work.

He’s proposing to discriminate on the basis of race, not cooking habits. The two are only loosely correlated.

This is unreasonable on the same basis that it is unreasonable to avoid employing women of childbearing age because they have a higher probability of requiring time off to be with their kids.

@mr_anderson surely you can screen in a non-racist way by asking for (and following up) landlord references, like you would to prevent any other sort of damage?

I know quiet a few small (and HR people in not so small Orgs) employers who have this as 1 of their main criteria unless details indicate otherwise i.e. the applicant may have a few kids already

Yes, this is one reason why the public sector is popular with women - they tend not to get discriminated against in the same way.

It’s still unreasonable/antisocial and illegal.

Ironic really. Imagine Indians being discriminated against on basis of diet/race … n-3051770/ … s/16535158