For sale: Britain's biggest buy-to-let empire


@mr_anderson surely you can screen in a non-racist way by asking for (and following up) landlord references, like you would to prevent any other sort of damage?


I know quiet a few small (and HR people in not so small Orgs) employers who have this as 1 of their main criteria unless details indicate otherwise i.e. the applicant may have a few kids already


Yes, this is one reason why the public sector is popular with women - they tend not to get discriminated against in the same way.

It’s still unreasonable/antisocial and illegal.


Ironic really. Imagine Indians being discriminated against on basis of diet/race … n-3051770/ … s/16535158


It’s not unreasonable if your running a small business IMO.
Antisocial, yes.
It’s illegal if your stupid enough to get caught out!


Well sure, everybody finds a way to justify their own bad behaviour as reasonable.

A stupid thing would be to be quoted in a newspaper article discriminating against people based on race, that’s just mystifying. Maybe he just hates money.


Au contraire, he seems to love money above all else.Otherwise he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to make such a comment.
Load of demand for accommodation v’s cost of replacing furniture/fittings when accomm is let to certain nationalities/people.
He’s done his sums and made his decision but wasn’t expecting it to make the front page of a newspaper.

He’s naan got a leg to stand on now. He’ll have to back down and tikka chance on curry loving residents again :angry:


The stench is something you need to experience yourself to appreciate. It gets in common areas of apartment blocks. When it’s fresh it makes you hungry, other times It just smells like…poo.

What are Indian and Pakistani tenants to do ? Wooden flooring and unfurnished lets with blinds not drapes ? Do you just let the property to a succession of Indians ?


I can’t be the only one salivating reading this thread…


OK, but Mexican food smells like sick even when it’s fresh.

Are Mexicans in the pogrom?


Nothing like the smell of boiling cabbage. And cruibeens in milk… :neutral_face:


You’ll be happy to know I rented a place out to an Indian today.


Pay your rent, chief!
Up yours, paleface!
I’ll see you in court!
Sioux me, Sioux you!


As an aside to this- I have had dealings in the past with a landlord who mentions a very diverse tenant history who won’t let his properties to middle class, single Asian or South American professionals in their 20s/30s (property is in commuting distance of Vincent’s,UCD etc.).

He’s a well travelled, urbane gent with otherwise very liberal views who will rent to social welfare, single parents and anyone regardless of race- his argument is that in his experience the cohort above have been bad tenants and leave the place in a state- he reckons it’s because they are highly likely to have grown up in a house with domestic staff and believe cleaning is beneath them and are too tight to pay Irish cleaners rates…


We had Indian neighbours across the corridor in an apartment building once. They were extremely pleasant and never caused disruption.

However the smell of their cooking in the communal areas was extremely strong and, to my nose, unpleasant. I can’t imagine what it was like inside because I know the doors were of pretty good quality.

Several south Asians have said to me over the years that western cuisine is tasteless to their palette and that they add what we could consider huge amounts of spices to their food to make it taste normal.


Millionaire landlord who evicts pregnant women hikes rent by £50 just an HOUR after 0.25% interest rate rise
A millionaire landlord who previously evicted pregnant women and banned “coloured people” from his homes hit hundreds of families with extra charges yesterday.

Controversial buy-to-let tycoon Fergus Wilson slapped an extra £50 a month on tenants within an hour of the Bank of England’s interest rate rise last night. … t-13025912


In hot climates the meat goes rancid more quickly, aren’t curry and spices used to hide any rancid taste?


That certainly was the case for British troops stationed in India back in the day, curry every other day.


Several spices, particularly turmeric and cinnamon, contain compounds that are bactericidal, so they act as preservatives in a limited way.


Large parts of India are essentially vegetarian so that’s not the reason I suspect