'For Sale' but NOT...?

I’ve been trying to arrange a viewing of a property that is recently listed as ‘for sale’. The agent has basically been using a lot of excuses to put me off or avoid arranging even a viewing. I’m new to property buying, what gives? E.g., they won’t give me the number of the agent selling the property, insist that he will call me back but he never does, they actively try to persuade me that I wouldn’t like the property when I ask about its condition. In short, I feel as if the agent is aggressively trying NOT to sell it… What’s up and is there anything that I can do?

Hassle them. Send them emails, tell them you are a cash buyer willing to meet the asking price pending a viewing of the property.

Insist on seeing it.

I am a cash buyer willing to meet the asking price of the property. The agent has been very aggressively avoiding a viewing. This is a property in Howth with an agent that specializes in that area. I’ve had no problems with them before.

Shit EA. House not really for sale. EA has an offer from someone and wants to steer the vendor that way.

Lots of possibilities, none of which look good for you ending up with the house unless you engage the vendor directly.

Engage the vendor directly. Letter through the door saying you are trying to make an offer on the house but the agent is avoiding you.

More difficult if not owner occupier.

Do this first as it gives you a record of communicating.
I’ve often found that asking if can you record a phone call or advising them at the beginning that ‘all calls from this number are automatically recorded’ changes the tone of conversation pdq.

Then do this.

List and date the communications you’ve had with the sales person.

You’d be amazed at the pursed lips and pinched faces that a video camera produces…