for sale sign outside a house compulsory?

is the for sale sign outside a house compulsory in Ireland?

I have noticed a house in SCD that is on daft/myhome/ EA website, but as we live nearby i know there is no sign outside the house, never has been.

House, is a normal 3 bed semi. Nothing fancy.


No, and neither is listing it on or even publicising it as being for sale in any shape or form.

As far as I know it’s not compulsory and I reckon the only thing that can be gained is for the current owner not to have the nosey neighbours logging on to find our how much their selling their house for (even though they’ll be able to do so when the property price data base comes on line). Or perhaps there’s someone in particular that they don’t want knowing.
Who knows?


And when your house goes sale agreed, it is also not necessary, nor is it advisable IMO (at least from your perspective) to indicate it as such. Especially if some of your neighbours houses are for sale.

ok. So can you think of any reason why it would be advertised online (daft, EA website etc…) and no sign outside the house?
Surely if you are selling the more you advertise the better?

Maybe they ran out of ‘For Sale’ signs.
Contact the agent and ask, let us know.

Eighteen months ago I almost closed on a house that was never advertised anywhere. No agent was involved either. I just heard from a mutual acquaintance that the owner was thinking of selling and we agreed a price over the phone a couple of days later. It fell apart after six months of messing around with solicitors over a planning permission issue but I’d be living there now if it wasn’t for that. I guess the owner’s incentive not to advertise in that particular case was to not spook me as a buyer at a time when buyers were very thin on the ground.

we sold ours and moved without there ever been a sign up.

I don’t understand Irish peoples expectants that there is legislation regarding everything. I mean with so many flagrant disregards for the few laws that are there, why would people think there is a law regarding putting up a sign ?

most apartments explicitly forbid having an EA sign on the building/railings; real sign of a shitty, poorly managed development when you see otherwise