Forbes Quay Penthouse, South Dublin Docklands D2 (-60k,-6%)

Found using the property bee.

was ‘Region €985,000’:
Google Cache Link

now ‘Region €925,000’:

If my property bee is right, that was only 2 days before the drop… but then again, it was just the paddys day massacreage

“Ok, so as agreed, here’s a million quid”
“Thank you sir, and here’s a small amount of change, and, of course, the keys”
“Cheers mate”
“Just wondering, not planning on doing any cat-swinging in your new million dollar kitchen, are you?”
“Nope, a 2ft x 2ft kitchen is just dandy-o by me in my mililion dollar penthouse thank you very much”
“Well then, you will be just fine.”
“Why are you laughing?”
“Just off to the bank”
“Oh I see”.

And so, everything in the garden is rosy. Mind boggling.

Genius! Clearly pining for the Fjords! :laughing: :mrgreen: