Forced Injections - Crimes Against Humanity



Door to Door, Roof to Roof.

No context here, but this is what it would look like.
If it is real, then this is what it looks like.

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Coronavirus 2020

New Zealand - NZ Minister for COVID response Chris Hipkins: “Next phase will be chasing up unvaxxed people”



An Ecumenical matter

Many thin wedges now being sharpened and pointed at the population, damaging spikes pointed at all aspects of life.

Nursing homes chief: Mandatory vaccine for health workers should be on table

12/07/2021 | 13:07 PM

The CEO of Nursing Homes Ireland, Tadhg Daly, has said that “everything should be on the table” to ensure the safety and welfare of residents and staff in nursing homes, including mandatory vaccination.

Mr Daly was responding to a ruling by the Data Protection Commissioner that vaccination may be considered as a “necessary safety measure” in certain situations, including frontline health services.

Speaking on RTÉ radio’s Today with Claire Byrne show, Mr Daly said his instinct was that the ruling was “a very positive development.”

Vaccination status

It was important to note that the vast majority of staff in care settings had taken the vaccine, and he welcomed the ruling that all health and social care staff would have to confirm their vaccination status.

“Given that we’re up on 90 per cent plus, in the vast majority of health and social care settings, it may not be required — what we’ve seen throughout the pandemic is that guidance has changed in relation to infection control, mask wearing, visitation to nursing homes, what we’ve got to do is continue to evolve the guidance to meet the virus and to deal with the pandemic.”

Mr Daly said he thought the ruling was a prudent measure.

If there was a situation in a care setting that a significant number of people had not taken the vaccine then a risk assessment would have to be carried out and whatever steps were necessary were taken to ensure safety of patients in hospital or residents in nursing homes, he said.

Mr Daly pointed out that in the coming weeks if people were going out for a meal in a restaurant or for a drink in a pub then they would have to show their vaccination status.

I think it’s appropriate in all heathcare settings.

“When you put it in that light I think it is right and appropriate, particularly if you’re working in a health and care social setting that you would be required to make your vaccination status known.

“I think it’s appropriate in all healthcare settings.”

Mr Daly said that “the vast majority” of staff had really confirmed their vaccination status voluntarily. “It hasn’t presented a huge issue at this point in time, but I think in our ongoing fight to deal with Covid we need to use every measure to ensure the safety and welfare of people in nursing homes and in our hospitals.

“In some cases I’m aware of (vaccination levels) up to 100 per cent and the average I’ve heard across the country is upwards of 90 percent. Maybe the ones that have some challenges are not making themselves known to ourselves or the HSE and are trying to work through those.

We still need to be vigilant.

Personal responsibility needed to be emphasised, he added.

“If you’re working in a health care setting you have a responsibility to those you care for. All of these measures are important, broadly speaking we would welcome the data protection commissioner’s ruling on this.”

16 months of endless narrative control equals an attempt to create perpetually evolving manufactured consent.


100% injected world.
Pharma is going for 100% injected World.
Pharma has all world government by the balls.
Who controls Pharma.


It’s total coercion. Some staff are declining to take for the moment, and are being redeployed. Most students have taken it, those who have declined for now are having mixed experiences, some being told they have no future in healthcare if they refuse.

So, healthcare may be left with only staff who see mandating injections as normal, and consent as being kinda irrelevant. Also mandating tests (like Covid tests) for access to care is fine and normal because it’s ‘policy’ or in the guidelines.

Who wants to be ‘treated’ by people who have been trained to think that consent is irrelevant?


All employers and employees in Fiji including civil servants must be vaccinated as a condition of their employment – PM

Civil servants who have not received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine must go on leave from Monday


Oregon may use National Guard for door-to-door COVID questions


Philippines President Duterte Threatens To Imprison Those Who Refuse The COVID-19 Vaccine




The Nuremberg Code doesn’t apply to COVID-19 vaccinations


France looking to make it mandatory for healthcare workers.

Rumours of more hospitals in the US too.

Italy has made it mandatory already apparently.


Also U.K.


For Ireland, they will probably vote on the vaccination certificate bill tomorrow, I’ve seen posts about a protest at the conventions centre at 1pm.

Tracey O’Mahoney has template letters in the description box of her YouTube video on it.


Now Greece.



Methinks uptick in this forced/mandatory injection signa across the world is a counter to Trumps CPAC speech.

Hotness rising.


“anti-vaccine is bullshit” is not an argument.

Yep panic, big time panic. They can’t get the injection into enough arms in the US. The plan is not working. People are watching all ages become shadows of themselves or suddenly die. This explain the lock-step move across the world against free human beings doing what they do, being free and living life. They might call it resistance or hesitancy, we know it just born free peoples - they can demonise freedom all they like but it does not take long for the mask to slip and the cool to lost.



They like to project their panic right back at you. Playing the scarcity marketing trick all over the world with a suggestion of force of state, “when they’re gone, they’re gone… or else!”, all over the world.

20,000 bookings, is 333.33 bookings per second.




Hard to say NO to Free?