Forced Injections - Crimes Against Humanity





The plan has been long in the planning by the planners. Probably started the day before they lost last time.


Isaac Newton pinned judgement day as sometime in 2060 using biblical prophecy. Nice.


This is the FDA presentation from October 2020.
Go to 2:33:40. Slow down to 0.25. For a split of a second the adverse reaction list pops up.
It’'s not as they didn’t tell, is it. From their karmic perspective they are 100% clear.


Quarter of a second in nearly 9 hours long presentation.


This is awesome. Great find. Hopefully the implications of this (namely, how these strange but diabolical ‘people’ operate and think) will register.


That was a Club Of Rome type paper. Paul Ehrlich people. So fatuous junk. Within 10 years every single prediction was proved wrong. They were quite emphatic in the late 1960’s / early 1970’s that it was mass famine and no oil by the 1990’s and eternal war for natural resources. Whereas with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s deaths from wars declined pretty quickly. Most deaths since then have been due to civil wars prolonged by the interference of do-gooder NGO’s. Like the Congo.


Thats the usual menu of adverse response for vaccine.

What matters is not the type of adverse response but the frequency. For the flu shot the morality rate is around 1 in 1,500,000, for SARs CoV 2 its less than 1 in 30,000 initial.

Thats the real problem. Given that for people under 70 they have a high mortality risk from flu than from SARs CoV 2. And vaccines dont really work for people over 70.


Is that 1:30000 an official number or should it be 1:300 to 1:3000 to allow for reporting rates? Of course, either way the current reports refer to immediate, catastrophic reactions. Everyone injected (apart from the control/saline solution groups) will be affected in some way long-term, 1:1.


The catastrophists looking at sun cycles (and yes I read about it too and wonder yikes :grimacing:) put the main event some time in the early 2040s, but with likely increasing climatic changes beforehand.


October 31st 2040, to be precise. That is the next great conjunction, the last one being 21st December 2020. Neat, huh?


True I guess, but it’s a very odd thing to do - popping it up for a split second. Especially with the push to mandate and any negative comments about the vax being so suppressed in media and social media.




Compulsory testing sparks chaos in Sydney’s south west


Its based on looking at VAERS and factoring in the documented under reporting rate in the past. The UK Yellow Card is getting pretty equivalent numbers. As is the EU one in countries that are actually reporting numbers.

Those kind of numbers are pretty much what you you would expect in early stage clinical trials for a completely new and untried vaccine deliver mechanism. They are also the same kind of numbers you see with vaccine candidates in the past that got pulled before it went to Stage III trials. All previous mRNA vaccine candidates for example failed early stage clinical trials for exactly these kind of problems.

The deaths fall into two main groups. With younger people its a reaction to the adjuvant. In older its a reaction to the vaccine. Vaccines that are not very good at provoking an immune system response need a very strong irritant, the adjuvant, to provoke the immune system and hopefull get the intended response to the vaccine. The SARs CoV 2 vacines are just not that good, like all human corona virus vaccines in the past, so they need a very strong adjuvant to get any meaningful reaction from the immune system


Your analysis would explain why the masses are doing what the masses do, as though nothing is happening…for now. Although, it would not explain the apparent cover-up and hushed tones regarding adverse reactions to date that appears to be common knowledge in medical circles.

In addition, it is noteworthy that I know, personally, of an elderly recipient of the flu jab 2019 that had near-immediate seizure/stroke response that, I presume, falls into the adjuvant category, aka those pesky military-grade, nanoparticle bio-weapons.

Finally, as you know, all previous mRNA animal trials also happened to result in the deaths of the animals owing to ADE. It remains to be see, of course, if Bhakdi is correct. IMO, this depends on how much saline solution they sent out this summer…and not just to the media/pro sports/political sectors.


HPRA latest report is out (#9). Usual caveat is that in a voluntary reporting system, not all AEs will be captured. Small fraction, usually. Their caveat is that these may or may not be due to the injections.

Pericarditis/myocarditis, Guillain-Barre, VITT - all mentioned in there so yes we do appear to have Irish cases. Also 76 deaths post vaccination.


Our NWO regional governor is now intimating that the mother of all lockdowns is on the way because ‘it’ is out of control…again. We know that they know that we know that that is a lie. Not only it is a lie, it is a cover for the widespread introduction of an artificial spike protein for bio-terrorism purposes (according to McCullough, not me: Moreover, instead of admitting anything, they’re knowingly and illegally using coercion through their propaganda channels to ensure their crimes are covered-up. Is it possible to get anymore diabolical than this?


@jmc I think you posted a paper on vaers accuracy before, but can’t find it on search - could you link again if that was you please? :pray: