Forced Injections - Crimes Against Humanity



I’m not talking about overpopulation - merely pointing out if sterilisation & population reduction is a goal then surely Africa and India would be the place to start. Easy pickings.
They’ve lots of experience of dodgy vaxx campaigns in these places, governments easy to buy off and I am guessing media is woeful.

Last time I saw bits online precious little banana trees in Lagos. Not to go too far off topic but Nigerias population has quadrupled in 50 years to over 200 million and expected to double in the next quarter of a century and god knows how accurate those figures are. That’s a lot of resources even if they don’t use much not to mention a massive chunk will end up here.
Just something that’s puzzled me over the last year.


Oh. Look. How on earth did he get COVID? :thinking:


on the other hand Zeman is almost 80 and his health is a total train wreck…

Zeman is a heavy drinker and long-term chain smoker. He only slightly curbed his consumption of alcohol and cigarettes after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2015.[154] He is also suffering from diabetic neuropathy in the feet, which causes him difficulties when walking.[155]

So very high pneumonia risk and high adverse response risk. So take you pick…