foreign prop absent from ploughing championship

what a difference a year makes,
there’s only one foreign prop exhibitor this year; Jack Gym Ltd stand 370

VFI Overseas Property Italy
Quatuor Transactions
Property Oracle Mayo
Premier Estates Maloney Mayo
Pier Holiday Homes Cork
Peninsula Propertie
My Property Enterprise
Matt O’Sullivan Auctioneers Galway
Lyons Properties
Kuvera Properties Ltd Dublin
Investment Property Exhibition Dublin
Imoti Bulgarian Properties
Fuerteventura Golf Resort
Buy in Bulgaria
Belmore Int. Dublin
Astute Property

Any signs of crowds forming around stand 43A?


You know I miss those Bulgaria and Cape Verde property pimps of yesteryear. I wonder what came of the poor dears ??

I had a missed call from an intnl nr today. Didn’t recognise the intnl code 359 - Bulgaria and I know absolutely nobody there :nin

Do you owe Michael Lynn any money or potentially even worse :nin do you owe his missus any money ???

For what it’s worth, I’ve heard a rumour that, following a decline in the early part of the decade Alpaca farming is making a come back and is tipped to be the next big thing …


Blue Horseshoe

Great - might bring down the cost of Alpaca jumpers over the Winter.

Maybe its a Bulgarian property developer cold calling to random Irish numbers in the hope of offloading some ridiculously overpriced property.

I mean Ireland would be the first country he would think of…we are renowned suckers!

Just got back from the ploughing. They have the same size property exhibit as every other year. It is on the left as you enter in the same huge tent. There seems to be a lot more Caribbean stuff and a lot less Spanish property. The Cayman Islands were prominently featured as were several Canadian resorts. The main difference this year was the absence of US property. Last year had two NYC stalls, one Chicago and several Florida. This year I saw none. Several exhibits were marketing land/forestry in eastern Europe.

I was there yesterday and can confirm as above. The only difference is that they may not be listing everybody individually, but there is one very large marquee (?) with all the property stands within.

I wasn’t there last year so can’t tell if its the same one, but there’s quite a few dealers in it.