"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown!"

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I would have thought Capel St was more the Oriental Quarter…

This chap is cutting off his to nose to spite his face.

While I love China towns in various cities. The question we have to ask is really, Why?

Cna we have NigeriaTown, Polishtown or Braziliantown.
Methinks Taxi Town would be at permanent war with Nigeria Town.

However I would propose we have first a Politicians Town, surround it, lay siege and nuke the fucker.

then we can all get back to Happy town.

Or what about Abbey Street, where tens of Chinese celebrated their cultural diversity back in 1979 by slicing up and then decapitating several of their colleagues in broad daylight…

Link? :stuck_out_tongue:

Briefly referred to here:

Yes, because everywhere the Irish have gone, we’ve only bought rose petals and kittens.


The new FF mayor of Galway wants Chinese taught in schools. I know for a fact that the man is borderline simple and only wish that one of his colleagues would tell him that FF have embargoed the recruitment of teachers in the main by screwing the P/T ratio.

I’m in favour, some cracking restaurants up there

Actually learning chinese wouldn’t be a bad thing, China is where it’s all at, for the foreseeable future anyway.

But that would mean recruiting new teachers in every school in Galway and FF have embargoed that :slight_smile:

David Norris will be ecstatic.

Was that not Little Lagos 10 years ago ??? Norris would probably be cool about creating the first “Georgian” Chinatown down there as long as the facades on the bit opposite Nth Gt Georges St were pastiche Georgian not pastiche Chinese. 8)

He’s a tough auld nut himself… this is the same Gerry Breen who requested that Eamon Gilmore be brought in to a DCC monthly meeting debate in order to “kick his [Cllr Andrew Montague’s] ass” in order to “put some manners on him”, as he was concerned that Cllr Montague was insidiously spreading his pro-cycling agenda (“political correctness gone mad”, of course.) All available on the webcast for March 1 at dublincity.public-i.tv/site/.

Clearly a hard chaw who wouldn’t let a few sword-wielding celestials get in the way of his plans…

Of course the park on Parnell Square would need a Chinese name as well, how about ‘The Gardens of Happy Rememberance’ or ‘The Lotus Gardens’, or just ‘The Jade Palace’?? :open_mouth:

Wade a minute… I’ve been learning Japanese since seeing Rising Sun in 1993, should I change?


In fairness we do have an Irishtown…

and the Adams got a town all to themselves too… :-GC

Chinatown great movie can’t believe I only saw it last summer for the first time :open_mouth: