Forgetful 40,000 get their €3m cash back from bank

Forgetful 40,000 get their €3m cash back from bank -> … 65958.html

They should not get their money back - these funds should be forfeited as sort of a tax on stupidity (unless it was me, of course.)

Once I walked away leaving my card in the machine. :blush:

I left €100 in a machine once. :blush:

In Athlone a few years ago some crooks took the ATM and walked away leaving a big hole in the wall. :open_mouth:

Do you remember the Waterford AIB bank robbery. That was class act.

I once left £10 old money in an ATM on Dame St. A good citizen ran up after me and gave it to me. There are plenty of good people out there.

Did anyone see Brendan Burgess on the news about this… oh my god, he really added some much needed expert insight…

To paraphrase: “People should concentrate on the job in hand, and make sure they take their money from the ATM”.

Eh really, thanks for that, I will remember your advice next time I am thinking about forgetting to take my money.

More useful advice and anecdotes on this AAM thread feat Brendan “Boss” Burgess

Anyone want to give a go of making a Chuck Norris inspired Burgess photo?