Former Anglo Finance Director arrested

Willie McAteer, former Finance Director at Anglo-Irish Bank arrested today.

Sale Agreed means nothing!


I agree! … ing19.html

Hopefully this is a sign that the ODCE and Garda Fraud squad finally have their case built and are ready to move in, lots of nervous folk about town today after this.


Fair play to you Willie.

Medical wonder that man.

Editorial note a such… since there may be a criminal case pending please keep it to what we know regards the content of posts. Please post nothing that might “prejudice” a case :angry: … you can PM me instead :mrgreen:

The truth is ‘we dont know nuttin, wont know nuttin and wont be told nuttin’ unless something is leaked to the press by the powers that be and it wouldnt surprise me if anybody is brought to court in relation to Anglo or any other institution if the proceedings are held ‘in camera’ so as not to prejudice the outcome (or to mushroom manage the public).

We do know that this was done the day before the $1bn Anglo bond payment, and makes it look like the government is being tough on Anglo. Lucky, that.

Oh, and he was already arrested last year.

we are all terrible cynics but then again with good reason

On a side note, why was he brought to Irishtown? It’s not exactly the closest Garda Station to Rathgar, and nor is it the most central.

Just curious like.

When a special squad is setup for a particular job, they have to have their own offices. The Anglo investigation officers are all probably camped in Irishtown.

Actually, makes perfect sense, thank you.

For the record. Released without charge. Again. Colour me …

Sale fell through did it…perhaps the price too pay was too high for those with rent rolls across the city :angry:

Seriously. The timing is far more suspicious now considering what is being paid today to the Anglo bondholders as per the ongoing plunder of the people continues with a complicit Dukes, Nama Barons and Government at large.