Former Habitat premises may be let out to..........


From high end leather couches to German beans and sauages. Such is the Dublin commercial property market at the moment.

This little nugget was mentioned on Vincent Browne’s review of tomorrow’s papers.

Mother O’God…

Try keeping OW outta there now! :open_mouth:

Gorgeous Lidling comes to Dublin.

Nice… :wink:

Great post, if that doesn’t sum up the position we’re in now then i don’t know what does!!!

I’m not a snob-I appreciate what Aldi and Lidl do-but College Green is not the place for one of their stores, either from an aesthetic point of view or from their own business plan. Are you sure he wasn’t talking about the Galway shop? (Not that I have a clue about that location.)

I assumed they were talking about Dublin?

It was Dublin I assure you , the layout and placement of the Galway store is simply dreadful , by Lidl standards .

Maybe this is a departure from their usual habitat. (so to speak)

I’ll get me hat.

It’s the Dublin one alright. … 18144.html

You just got to love the last paragraph. Meooow… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch ! :open_mouth:

How much will Lidl boost Grafton St values by Mr A? :wink:

Indeed, take a look at the graph on page 1 … y_fund.pdf … y_fund.pdf

Note the performance “Irish Commercial Property Returns 1970 - 2007” in a recession.

and there is more: … ts/PPI.pdf

€9.99 :stuck_out_tongue:

You couldn’t make it up. Is it wrong that I feel gleeful about this?

With the money saved in Lidl you will be able to go shopping in BTs after you pickup the groceries, or looking at it from a green angle you will be able to reuse that €5,000 handbag from BT’s to carry your groceries home.

I’m sure the landlord will be delighted to have a rock solid tenant like Lidl, although come the next rent review there could be some hard bargaining!

Now I just wish we could have the old Dandelion market back!

I don’t see it happening for some reason, from what I remember the Habitat store was split level, so unless they partitioned it, it wouldn’t match any other lidl stores i’ve seen…?

Its a poor offering eeven on an aesthetic level to have in such a lovely building but if it is true tis only symptomatic of the times we live in.

Cheap is the new Chic!