Former Ireland PM cautions Nigeria on inconsistent policies

From a Nigerian paper Vanguard, 11th April 2011.



Blue Horseshoe

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Heard this on Morning Ireland, and swore to swear off the mushrooms …looks like I don’t need to now :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone must have sent him over as payback for all those 419 email scams!!!

Well that fucks up any future Nigerian “If only someone had told me” defence.

Who better than Bertie, eh?

They can’t seem to get enough of him he was there last year also → viewtopic.php?f=15&t=31894&p=411280&#p411280

I wonder is this how he’s laundering his cash… :angry:

Maybe he’s out there hunting for one of the “investments” those guys got him to put his cash into :smiley: