I’m thinking of depositing with Postbank. I’ve too much :wink: to be spreading it around, too busy, etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way?

Read this yesterday:

Anybody any views on Postbank?

Fortis on Friday night ousted Jean-Paul Votron as chief executive shortly after the Belgo-Dutch financial services group angered shareholders over its controversial capital increase.

In reality it is in effect An Post you will be depositing with. Postbank is a joint venture between An Post and Fortis. Therefore, I would have said safe as houses except that term has different connotations today compared to a couple of years ago. In any case Postbank is as safe as you can get with an Irish financial institution - it has no legacy of bad lending practices and its lending policies appear very conservative being solely concerned with small scale personal lending. If your getting a reasonable rate of return go for it.

An Post has various different deposit accounts, some in conjunction with Fortis and some are government backed. The government backed accounts give a poorer rate.

Personally I have my money in a Northern Rock online demand account. There are two options, one which pays interest monthly at 4.75% Gross (3.8% after DIRT) and one which pays interest yearly at 5.00% Gross (4.0% after DIRT) I took the monthly option in case I have to flee the country in a hurry! :wink:

I went for the 5% gross account because I was told I could withdraw funds at anytime and still be paid 5% gross at the time of withdrawel.I think the only difference between the two rates is that the interest is added at the end of the year or at the end of the period that you have the funds on deposit if less than a year with the 5% account whereas the interest is added monthly with the 4.75% gross account.
I have funds with An Post earning 3% in a government backed account and I am thinking of moving it to the Northern Rock account but I have to give 30 days withdrawel notice :cry:

For the stressed Eric/nervous type you can get the following, tax free (no DIRT) and state guaranteed from An Post:

21% for a 5.5 year term, which allowing for the benefit of no DIRT equates to 4.77% p.a.

10% for a 3 year term, which allowing for the benefit of no DIRT equates to 4.17% p.a.

i went to open an account there this morning but was put off by their online banking access. basically you get a card reader that issues a new number for every time you want to access the online account. it basically means that you have to have this do-dad on you anytime you want to access your account.
i won’t use it for day to day banking but i will go back and open a savings account.
the woman in front of me was asking “so if the banks go to the wall, what happens my money?” this is on the high street post office in Kilkenny, people can smell the blood in the water. i would not be surprised is postbank gets overwhelmed if there is a run on the banks here.

Postbank - 50% Fortis 50% An Post.

Rates I quoted above are, of course, An Post rates. Higher rates from Postbank but usual deposit protection scheme applies.

I met a chap who used to work for Northern Rock last week, just changed jobs at around the madness happened… In all honesty, I don’t think I could countenance ever having a shekel with them, I’m just not sure the Queen’s good word would cross the Irish sea…


I have had a Fortis Belgian account for about 10 years, and they are excellent to deal with. Their online security through their number generating do-da security is second to none, and the range of secure services is extensive.


While random number generating devices do add an additional level of security to the log in process they will not help if the attack is of a man-in-the-middle type.