forum posts from the boom years

There should be a special archive for these things. Damn they are depressing.
From 2006 about the development “Stocking Wood” in Rathfarnum.

A friend emigrated here around 2004. When his (Irish) missus brought him along to look at buying a house he said to the estate agent showing them around, “No, no - I only want one, not the whole terrace!!” (on her telling him the price). :laughing:

Needless to say, they held off buying.

The Housing Bubble Bursting thread on is probably the best example anyway. It stretches right from 2006 upto present day.

If you ever feel yourself becoming sympathetic to debt forgiveness or losing sight of just how crazy people were during the boom, I recommend reading it.

Nice find. The most depressing thing about that thread is this comment.

“I have to say the prices are a little less than I had imagined they were going to be but I presume that’s to do with things slowing down a bit recently.”

The poor sods hadn’t a clue.

Endless beauts in that single thread.

I think this guy bought there.

What a thread. They are like lambs about to be slaughtered. You can tell they know deep down they are being fleeced but are also motivated by fear.

Bloody hell!

You could choke on the levels of smugness in here :confused:

I agree. These were just your average honest family who wanted a home. Nobody could have predicted the crash. Where is their NAMA?

Where is the evidence of homework they should have done on prices and buying? Or did it consist of the latest glossy brochure in the previous SINDO and the calculation that its only couple of hours from work each way. So if you leave at 6.30am you can be at your desk by 8.30 on a monday morning and home by 8pm in the evening while most likely involved in a serious road accident after three months of this due to fatigue. :unamused:
And you wonder why the country is f***ed :question:

I think buddygunz was being facetious.

Im only backing it up with my own brand Bugler although Im probably more direct as I’ll call a gobshite what it is (just in case it misses it first time around). :wink:

I’m sure psychologists would have some categorisation for what you lads get up to in here. A form of gleeful group masturbation at the perceived idiocy and misfortune of others.

And before you ask, no, I don’t have a vested interest - I’m not in negative equity.

I just have a sense of empathy.

Its preety gleeful in here alright.

Found a suitable investment property yet now that we’ve hit the bottom?

You seem to have missed the notes of depression and sadness from a few of the posters. The sense of resignation and acceptance of the sort of nation we live in. Each and every one of us will pay dearly for those 600K terrace houses.

Just gone sale agreed on a property in the last couple of weeks Gaius, thanks for the interest. As I won’t be getting a mortgage to finalise the sale I won’t be in negative equity.

I haven’t gone through my previous posts, but I think I said we were at, or near, bottom. I’ve seen no reason to change that opinion.

It depends. One side of things (the mania in particular) is evident on this thread -

I don’t think anyone is being smug - it’s more a case of let’s be clear about what happened and face up to it proplerly so it doesn’t happen again.

Because we can see that the banks are already again going after the kind of short-term thinking, well gullible, first time buyer evident on that daft thread. As per viewtopic.php?f=4&t=30561

There’s no schadenfreude on my part. As I said, it’s depressing as hell. I wasn’t here during the bubble, and threads like the one I linked to are good for helping me understand the context of these years. As someone said, you can sense the fear as well.

Perhaps I did buddy, though I think you’ve all made the point sufficiently in here without trawling up old threads containing the comments of individuals.

I think the same applies to your post roc, I just cannot see how referring to individual quotes from ancient threads amounts to being clear about what happened and facing up to it properly. Just an opinion mind you.

From that Daft link.