Forums for Cork and other large urban areas?

This website seems to be entirely geared-up towards the Dublin market. It’s very hard to get any information or follow trends outside of Dublin as the entire rest of the country is dumped into a single forum. It doesn’t really encourage people to post information about other urban centres.

The Irish property market is FAR more complex than “Dublin” vs “Down the Country” and I don’t think that the structure being presented on this site is conducive to discussing trends.

There are huge differences between activity and prices in a large city like Cork and somewhere very rural like Leitrim and it’s rather ridiculous to have them lumped into the same forum.

Might I suggest something like this:

Dublin - simplify the forums, there are too many and not very much activity compared to the market peak.
Perhaps just Dublin (Numbered Postal Districts only), North Dublin, West Dublin, South Dublin.

These two need to be in separate forums as they have a population close to half a million.
Cork City & Suburbs
Co. Cork

These contain large urban centres:

This forms part of the Dublin Commuter Belt:
Kildare, Meath, Louth, Wicklow.

Then general areas covering everywhere else :