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These guys have advertised Fosterbrook (just off the Stillorgan Rd) before the Radisson Hotel as Mount Merrion on their website and as Dublin 4 in today’s Irish Times. Which is it guys?? Neither I think … Mount Merrion is on the other side of the dual carriageway and the Dublin 4 boundary is beside Nutley Lane a good trek from this estate. Fosterbrook is in Booterstown in my opinion. Any thoughts?

Booterstown, Co Dublin
I Lived there for a few years, part of DLRD, so not Dublin 4

Surely this is Booterstown?

And also I often see houses in Mount Merrion as ‘X, Mount Merrion, Dublin 4’ - even MyHome includes Mt. Merrion as Dublin 4 afaik.
12 Callary Road, Mt. Merrion, Dublin 4 … -4/2320598
47 Wilson Road, Mt. Merrion, Dublin 4 … -4/2246443

I find it very strange, as Mt. Merrion doesn’t touch any street with a Dublin 4 address to the best of my knowledge…

Personally I consider anything after the Woodbine Road / Stillorgan Road intersection to be in Dublin 4.

ASFAIK the north/south dividing line between County Dublin and Dublin 4 was Fosters Avenue. In my day County Dublin was regarded as the more prestigious. I don’t know where the east/west divide is.

I would say from personal experience that addresses are confused and its not always the pretentiousness of the owner or agent. Albert Road is in Sandycove or Glengeary depending on what you mean. Geographically to explain how to get there Sandycove is easier. The An Post address is Glenageary (but the fact that An Post is using Glengeary PO as sorting office doesn’t change the geography - they were trying to get people on Vico Road, Killiney to use Glenageary as their address). Some utility providers and insurers could only deal with Albert Road, Sandycove, because that’s what their systems permit - others the opposite :confused:

I currently rent in Fosterbrook. Lovely estate. … CDMQ8gEwAA

God that annoys me sooooooo much. I think it must include Mount Merrion because of Merrion

Or else they’re going…“look, give up, the house you’re looking for is never going to come on stream in d4, we’ve seen your constant searching, your checking back, returning to the same old lingerers looking for redeeming features…it’s never gonna happen…We think you’re more of a ‘Mount Merrion’ person”

I consider this Booterstown. Have heard it called Stillorgan

Jackal, I also rent in Fosterbrook, want to pop round for a coffee?

He official An Post address is Mount Merrion, Blackock, honest!

It’s no wonder An Post need to call in Herr Mueller, they must spend their days moving post from blackrock to mount merrion and eventually to booterstown

Google the Radisson and you get the address as Blackrock, Dublin 4 on the quick result page, the hotel website has Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin…

I was told many years ago the small stone marker behind the lamppost here after Nutley Park was the start of Stillorgan, or at the least, the end of Dublin 4.

Maybe someone can check it out some time. :slight_smile:

Interesting! My only reason for thinking it extends slightly further is that “The Elms” from day one has always had a Donnybrook address, as do all of the houses just past the pole (including Adrigole, which you’ll remember was for sale until recently). That’s why I personally say its Donnybrook until Woodbine Road. But even that is ambiguous, as from a little research Woodbine Road has been given either a Donnybrook, Blackrock, or Stillorgan address dating back to the 20’s/30’s/40’s/50’s/60’s but very very rarely did a Booterstown address appear, strangely! 1 Woodbine Road, which was advertised multiple times over the last century with a Donnybrook address recently sold with a Blackrock address. Its kind of bizarre that there is so much ambiguity surrounding borders of areas in Dublin.

UCD is Dublin 4 - & Foster’s Avenue is the UCD southern boundary and its on a line with Fosterbrook.

Would the Local Authority boundaries - presumably DDC for D4 and DLRD for the rest - be any way definative here as most areas must be surely wholly contained within one or other of them … or maybe not?
Electoral ward boundaries must be fairly area specific for what is really DCC/D4 also, maybe following old townland boundaries or historic roads that may or may not be relevant to current ones.
But folks’ perceptions of where they live or where they would like to live probably overide cartographic realities in many cases - especially if selling a house!

Well I’ll put it this way, planning applications for Foster’s Avenue are submitted as Mount Merrion, not D4, to DLRCC. Likewise, Woodbine Park is submitted as Blackrock/Stillorgan/Booterstown to DLRCC. Don’t see any planning in DLRCC for Fosterbrook, but not particularly surprising as there’s probably not room there for new constructions in side gardens or desire for huge two-storey extensions.

Right on SoCo … follow the planning application trail!
Mind you, my own area, or what people regard as the area - I must check the maps meself! - is divided between DCC and SDCC. There are also a few who would claim to be in Teranure but thankfully the majority would laugh at them!

Daft have that house as Mount merrion as well :angry:

Anywho, there are at least two houses for sale here at the moment, and perhaps a third.