Found: Evidence of the recent demand surge

Where else, but on AAM:

Bought a month ago (February) and is worried about making being able to make the first monthly repayment because he/she can’t rent out the other room (at quite a tidy sum mind you).

Gotta luv those fundamentals

It’s really beyond belief. How can anyone take such a huge financial step without having at least six month’s salary to tap into in an emergency ?
********** OW EDIT: OW - Refrain from making such derogative remarks to those who are facing trouble. One this forum, other forums and so on.

The PIN was NOT set up to laugh at those least able to protect themselves form the dearth of real information.

Who gave her the mortgage?
Reckless lender!

Whats really sad is that they were getting away with this type sh!te for so long.

So lets see:-

  1. Good rental area - check
  2. Nice place - check
  3. Advertised on Ireland’s most popular rental site - check

No takers…hmmm what could possibly be the reason here?, sure is a head scratcher for me.

Apart from that the price he’s looking for will result in taxation as its beyond the rent a room scheme allowance…how do people like this get mortgage approval?

How do people like this remain upright?

I know there’s a real person on the other side of this story, and it’s not nice to point, and believe me, I’m not laughing, I’m actually quite angry.

The number of people who are fucking up their lives and potentially the lives of people around them because they get into “investments” without even a basic grasp of ideas like “cash in must exceed cash out”. It’s staggering. it’s infuriating.

And the worst thing with these people is that it’s always someone elses fault. The EA who claimed the house was worth what it was. The bank who was willing to give the mortgage. The other people in the area who are charging too little in rent.


You are all forgetting that

Surely thats worth the price.

Not a nice position to be in and to honest I feel kinda sorry for the person but then I think - it’s not like they didn’t know what to expect - and as mentioned who gave them the finance?

I remember that “I’m an adult…” always seems to factor in renting a room as a mortgage saviour…but I wonder how many in reality do?

I agree, I agree.

I remember about two years ago having a long discussion with my financial advisor at the branch. He pointed to a huge pile of paperwork in the corner and told me that the ‘‘due diligence’’ they were doing on all mortgage applicants had increased dramatically.

Now, I don’t think he was lying (can I name the bank ?).

Maybe the Credit Unions have a lot to answer for as well.

I’m guessing this is it

That’s shocking rent for a room in an owner occupied place. I’d say 700, 750 tops.

It is really sad…but I sometimes - and increasingly frighteningly- think that ‘we’ are still outnumbered by the brainwashed who believe it’s bargainland out there now and have as their homepage.

It’s unbelievable…If this is the dead cat bounce (well, the VI seem to hail it as the recovery, so I’m thinking this kitty’s bouncy bouncy…) a lot more people will be stung…

To quote (once again) my great friend Bill Hicks: “…If you’re in advertising, marketing -or the CIF- do me a favour, go kill yourself…go suck a tailpipe, I’m serious: Kill yourself. You selfrighteous maggots have no reason to live, so kill - your - self”

Hey!, that was Bill, not me :wink:

PS.did anyone file a complaint yet with the consumer authorities against…it’s very misleading and will sink a lot more people in debt…I think I will…I’m in a raging mood anyway.

As a I said elsewhere, ASAI don’t cover websites. You can say what you like online.

Why do you think the builders have moved from building homes to building home pages?


Answer: cause the main ingredient remains bullshit?



That’s crazy money to spend on a room. If it’s the one Dreaded_Estate found, then it’s a tiny apartment and not worth the cost.

This really is a sad state of affairs. What sort of person gives out a loan to someone who needs an extra 875 per month just to pay the mortgage?

This seems to be it so - the first sign of panic. This person is in real trouble. They say they are “worried”. That seems to imply that they need this money to make the mortgage payment. He or she may have bought off plans a couple of years back and has been probably been listening to the latest campaign of misinformation telling people that rent is going up at present and are now genuinely surprised at the predicament they find themselves in.

The ease with which people have had the wool pulled over their eyes (or have been willing to have the wool pulled over their eyes) over the past number of years with regard to property is startling. Indeed, how many other great lies are staring us in the face in other areas of the world around us?

Yes, I didn’t consider that. I can only reiterate my apology for the earlier remark.

But i would also maintain that no-one should be without an emergency fund to cover just this.

And yet again, I would maintain that compulsory Finance and Economics is a core requirement in our secondary education system.

How about netiquette??? :unamused:

Just livin’ and learnin’ baby, that’s all.

Pompous arsehole! :stuck_out_tongue: