Fox: Love Goldman, Hate Europe

This guy is a genius and judging by the name is a distant product of these fair shores… :stuck_out_tongue:

The IMF is putting money into a poorly run nearly bankrupt country? That surely can’t be what the United States expected when they allocated funds to it!

Erm, how much was the AIG bailout again?

Maybe he should be “brainssullivan”.

Goldman Sachs… were they not the ones who helped Greece to hide the debt, so that they could join the euro?


The bail bailout in the US (TARP) was about €700bn. It’s just the usual sillyness you might expect from a blog hosted by Fox news, it’s not meant to make sense it’s just a paper thin justification for someone desperately predisposed to thinking whatever the Obama administration does is bad.

In fairness Fox have been on the ball in the past. … oryid=6813