Foxrock Church area


Hi folks,

What are people’s thoughts on the area near Foxrock Church? My husband thinks it’s a bit far out for his liking (cycles everywhere), but I think it’s pretty nice with good transport links and a family area vibe (other kids living around is vital for my 8 year old).

I’ve been looking at the below. The BERs aren’t great but I presume that is due to the detached nature of the houses, open fires and lots of windows.

Any thoughts?




I am not a commute cyclist but lots of my neighbours (near there) cycle to work in town. In fact lots of cyclists from further out pass my house every day.


Thanks - I think it’s the uphill element of the cycle home that he’s not keen on! Has anyone any thought on the houses / area? E


Not commenting on the specific houses themselves but I know the area well and its a very good family area. There are very good national and secondary schools in the general area for boys and girls. There are good safe large green spaces in South Park and an old tennis court open to the public. Meadowvale pitches are across the road. Within walking distance of two supermarkets and numerous cafes/pizza/fast food outlets in Deansgrange.

On the 46A route into town which is often busy at peak hours. If you cycle into town then it is largely uphill on the way home! For cyclists also the option to cycle a relatively short distance to the Luas in Sandyford or the Dart at Monkstown.

But working in town is not the only outlet for people who choose to live around there as there are now thousands of professionals working in Leopardstown/Sandyford business parks within walking/cycling distance in one direction and then also Cherrywood business park or indeed in the pharmas nearby on Pottery Road or even close enough in Dun Laoghaire. So people buying in South Park are often eyeing up the short commutes to work in these areas.

There are some kids around in South Park but quite a number of houses in this area are owned by older retired people who have lived there since the houses were built originally in the 60’s/70’s and houses often only come up for sale after a death. So not as many 8 year old kids around as you might find in a starter estate. Having said that the local national schools are heavily subscribed, there are many infill builds going on in the general area. People who buy houses in South Park seem to typically carry out large projects to bring houses to 21st century design and insulation standards so overall people moving in are likely spending up to €1m on the entire purchase and upgrade.


Thanks a mil.