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Here is this commie again with his socialist claptrap. He should shut his mouth because him and his buddies from the Social Partnership already screwed the country to the kilter. In any case, he should at least show some intellectuall honesty in interpreting the figures. There is now less well off folks than in 2007 and they pay more tax per head. What the hell is unfair about it? Well, the only acceptable outcome for Fr Healy would be a complete eradication of those making 100k+ (with honourable exception of his bearded social partners) so it is grossly unfair that those well off leaches are still alive and not taxed to oblivion or better burned as kulaks.

Yes it was all Father Sean Healy’s fault.

You could make the argument that the current Welfare-v-Work issue is largely his fault. Didn’t he make an infamous appearance at a Fianna Fail think-in at Inchydoney at the height of the boom, demanding even higher Welfare rates? His wishes were duly granted - hence the current problem in trying to get people to take up jobs. So, like it or not, some of our problems in that area are down to his interventions.

Given that he is a priest and given that his well-publicised prescriptions for the economy seem to rest on fairly dubious grounds, theologically speaking, you’d wonder why his ramblings have never attracted adverse attention from the Vatican (which doesn’t entirely approve of neo-liberal capitalism, but certainly hasn’t made any particular overtures in the direction of socialism either, that I’m aware of). It seems that any of the clergy that remotely deviate from Rome on homosexuality, women priests, contraception, etc, get reined in and hauled over the coals but leftie priests can spout on in public all they want about the economy.

Which jobs are you referring to?

Yes, it’s an enormous problem getting people to take jobs. Indeed, it’s the unemployeds’ fault. Them and Fr Healy.

You guys are all crack diagnosticians.

Certainly he can be thanked for the massive borrowing required every year to pay out €20b in social welfare. He can be thanked for the situation where it makes more sense to stay on benefits than to work for €35k. So it’s not as if the policies promoted by this esteemed member of so called Social Partnership haven’t had an adverse effect on the country. Now as an apologist of the other rather important member of the Social Partnership Axis, I can see why RigidDigits would support Fr Healy. It is still the same claptrap of those who benefit grossly of the redistribution engineered by the said Axis.

In my humble view, Fr Healy’s opinions on how to conduct the business in this country should be given the same gravity as if we were listening to that other Sean (of former Anglo Irish Bank). It is preposterous that he political life has been cleansed from Bertie Aherns and Sean Fitzpatricks and we are still forced to listen to David Beggs and Sean Healy’s. Job only half done.

That article, at least on line, is woeful in its analysis. I wouldn’t know where to start, but how about wealthy peoples tax rates rise by 5%, or wealthy peoples income drops by 1.8bn, or wealthy people pay 50 times more tax proportionately than poor people.

I might add i am unfortunately not one of the independents class of wealthy. Working on it :slight_smile:

The spin of the media is woeful. The level in the Indo is also woeful. The problem is that the alternatives include the Irish Times where each and every contributor has been mentored personally by Fr Sean Healy (and David Begg) and don’t get me started on SBP.

Actually, it is quite difficult to get people to take jobs. We had a rather nice part-time job advertised recently and the agent had to explain that unless we upped the pay or hours, anyone on the dole was better off not taking it. And this was not an entry-level job or pay rate.

It’s not the unemployed peoples’ fault, it’s the high social welfare rates and the inflexible system that discourages part-time work.

So there’d be no unemployment problem were it not for over-generous social welfare? Do I have that right?

cost of living needs to come down so people can survive on lower wages, however with all the wars, money printing and paying the bondholders thats not going to happen anytime soon

Whats Thailands unemloyment at the mo?

22% of families where no one works, what a great message for the kids.

Cnut won’t even allow abortion for the socy welfares.

Breeding problems for the future.

There’d still be unemployment except where unemployment is banned, like in North Korea. I know plenty of people who’ve made a lifestyle out out of welfare, some did all the way through the bubble.

This thread is “worthy” of…

There would be more people working more hours if social welfare was less generous and more flexible. If you disagree with that, I give up.

So there are lots of unfilled jobs?

Yes there are. Remove the minimum wage / social security floor and see. All the jobs which are currently artificially priced out of the market as their marginal productivity is below the minimum wage threshold would be back on the market.

Yep. Friend of mine returned here a few weeks ago (lived in Estonia). On her first week here she went to 4 or 5 interviews. Thinking that the jobs market was so bad (media), she took the first job offer, she subsequently received job offers from all companies.

Money is not great, but as she said herself “it’s twice what I’d get on the dole”.

Her new boss told her that he had advertised for months, interviewed many, but all turned the job down as the salary too low (mid 20k’s).

Go figure.

Yep, I regularly have jobs for 22k to 28k, but cannot fill, as the loss of benefits exceeds the net take home pay. Unskilled BTW.