France - Dijon, Chechen Gangs out for Revenge


Serious unrest in #Dijon after a 16-year-old Czech was attacked by North African drug dealers.

Hundreds of Chechens from all across France have arrived in the city of #Dijon and are now patrolling its streets by car and on foot, armed with bats and machetes They are in town to get revenge on North African gangs Must be fun for French people living there

Chechens against Maghrebians in Dijon: the Maghrebis take out their guns, the RAID sent on the spot (Live update) - (Google Translate)

(Google Translate) Dijon: Chechen punitive expedition to the cries of “allahu akbar” to take revenge on Maghreb dealers (video compilation)

Fighting in Place de la République has almost become a habit. But that of this Friday, June 12, 2020 at night, was impressive: several dozen people gathered, armed with iron bars and baseball bats. It would be a settling of scores between members of the Chechen community from all over France, and Maghreb dealers from Dijon.

It all started on social media the previous week. The Chechen community calls there for a rally to avenge one of their members: a 16-year-old boy who was allegedly “beaten” in Dijon by a group of older drug dealers. The young man is said to be still hospitalized in serious condition, a member of the Chechen community tells us.

The same evening, Chechens from all over France attacked a hookah bar: the “Black Pearl”, Place de la République, where the potential culprits were found. Videos of these scuffles then circulated on social networks. A fight left a dozen injured, some seriously: one of them was said to have a broken arm, some were unable to work.

France never fails to disappoint.:sunglasses:
A country I’ve visited several times in the past but I’m pretty sure I’ll never return to. The first of many EU countries to fall due to their intentionally suicidal immigration policies :suicide:


Does this make the Chechens ‘far right’ or ‘racist’ ?

Has to be one right?

Chechnya is part of Russia, so I suspect just like everything else Vladimir Putin is the one to blame

Two rival Islamic terrorist groups

The French Islamo-African Caliphate :slight_smile: